Product Documentation


Terms and Conditions of Sale (md).pdf

Proprietary Data Rights Statement (md).pdf


Order Form.pdf

FAA Form 337.pdf

Reference Documents

MH Letter About FAA-337.pdf

Oxygen MSDS.pdf

Hazards of High Pressure Oxygen and Transfilling (md).pdf

CFR 14 Part 23.1447 (md).pdf

EDS Pulse-Demand

EDS Oxygen Infomation (md).pdf

EDS A1 Operation Manual.pdf

EDS D1 Operation Manual.pdf

EDS 02D1-2G and 02D2-2G Operation Manual Rev. -1.pdf

EDS O2D1 Dimension (md).pdf

EDS O2D2 Dimension (md).pdf

EDS O2D1 and 02D2 Maintenance Questions (md).pdf

EDS O2D2 Audio Wiring Rev. -0 Insert (md).pdf

CAMI Testing of Pulse Oxygen Systems (md).pdf

CAMI Altitude Chamber Profile (md).pdf

Cannula & Facemask

Alps Mask:

Alps Mask Insert 5IMSK-0001-00 (md).pdf

Alps Mask TSO Applicability (md).pdf

Alps Mask Wiring Config. (md).pdf


00EDS-1084-00 Standard Cannula Insert.pdf

00EDS-1084-01 Flare-Tip Cannula Insert.pdf

EZ Breathe:

EZ Breathe II Cannula Rev. 11-2013.pdf

EZ Breathe Quick Disconnect Insert Rev. 4-2015.pdf

XCP Constant Flow:

XCP Operation Instuctions.pdf

XCP Oxygen Systems Information.pdf

XCP Oxymizer Cannula Information.pdf

00XCP-1044-00 Oxymizer Cannula Rev. A0 Insert.pdf

00XCP-1046-00 Oxymizer Pendant Cannula Rev. A0 Insert.pdf

XCR Constant Flow:

XCR Oxymizer Cannula Information.pdf

00XCR-1040-00 Oxymizer Cannula Rev. A0 Insert.pdf

00XCR-1042-00 Oxymizer Pendant Cannula Rev. A0 Insert.pdf

Cylinder Information:

Cylinder Return Policy 2019

Cylinder Duration Chart 6-2014 Rev. 8.pdf

Cylinder Dimensions (md).pdf

Cylinder Fill Instructions.pdf

Cyl-Tech Bulletin Structural Composites.pdf

Cylinder Brackets and Full Packs:

Cylinder Mounting Kit Chart 5ICMK-0003-00.pdf

Cylinder Mounting Brackets 5ICMK-0004-00.pdf

Cylinder Universal Mount Kit 5ICMK-0024-00.pdf

Full Pack Instructions (md).pdf

Cylinder Valves:

00CYL-0014-00 Cylinder Valve MH-CGA-540 SCD.pdf

00CYL-0020-00 Cylinder Valve MH-DIN 477-9 SCD.pdf


Regulators General Information.pdf

Regulator Information Sheet (md).pdf

00REG-1004-00 XCP-1P Reg. Insert.pdf

00REG-1016-00 FPR XCP-4P Reg. with Gauge Insert.pdf

00REG-1018-00 FPR XCP-4P Reg. no Gauge Insert.pdf

00REG-1033-00 XCR-1P Axial Reg. no Gauge Rev. I0 Insert.pdf

00REG-1034-01 XCR-DIN-1P Reg. no Gauge Rev. A0 Insert.pdf

00REG-1036-00 XCR DIN-477 (Euro) dims (md).pdf

00REG-1048 EDS Reducing Reg. Insert.pdf

00REG-1054-00 EOS-1P 6mm Radial Reg. Insert.pdf

00REG-1090-01 High Pressure High Flow Reg. Rev. A1 Insert.pdf


EDS-2ip and EDS-4ip:

EDS ip Manual Rev. 3.4b.pdf

EDS-2ip Control Head Form Factor 051-006 (md).pdf

EDS-2ip IPR Physical Schem 051-001 (md).pdf

EDS-2ip Simple Schem 051-002 (md).pdf

EDS-4ip Control Head Form Factor 051-007 (md).pdf

EDS-4ip OverHead Schem (md).pdf EDS-4ip (TA) Schem (md).pdf

EDS-ip DIST Form Factors 051-004 (md).pdf

EDS-ip IPR Connector Assignment 051-003 (md).pdf

EDS-ip IPR Electro Pneu Rev. M Schem 051-000 (md).pdf

Built-In Fill Ports & Check Valves:

00BLT-1004-00 Rev. A0 Feed Tube use w/A34 2ip & 4ip Panel Mounted Reg. Flowmeters Insert.pdf

00BLT-1006-00 Rev. A0 Feed Tube use w/A34-2ip & 4ip Panel Mounted Reg. Flowmeters Insert.pdf

00BLT-1008-00 Replacement Fill Check Valve w/cap.pdf

00BLT-1012-00 Scott 9/16-18 Fill Adaptor Rev. D0 Insert.pdf

00BLT-1016-xx Rev. -1 Flex Fill Port 1/8 NPT-M to AN800-3.pdf

00BLT-1020-00 Rev. G1a Deluxe Refill Station Insert.pdf

00BLT-1022-xx Rev. F1 Bulkhead Refill AN800-3.pdf

00BLT-1024-xx Rev. F2 Blukhead Refill Scott.pdf

Built-In Constant Flow:

00BNC-1042-xx BNC-SCOTT Fitting A-8750 Oxygen Connector.pdf

00BNC1043-xx BNC-750 Oxygen Connector.pdf

00BNC-1044-xx BNC-566 Oxygen Connector.pdf

A34 System Oxymizer Cannula Instructions.pdf

Flow Meter Schematic (md).pdf

00OEM-0010-00 Roto Flowmeter Schematic (md).pdf

Built-In Gauges:

00BLT-1072-00 EPG-601A Gauge Rev. C (md).pdf

00BLT-1074-00 EPG-600A Gauge Rev. B (md).pdf

EPG-600A and EPG-601A Gauge Schem Rev. – (md).pdf

EPG-600A and EPG-601A Gauge Details Rev. B (md).pdf

00CPG-0030-00 MH-300 Gauge Mount Specs Rev. – (md).pdf

Gauge MH-300 Specs (md)

Gauge MH-300-Mount(md)

Gauge MH-400 Specs (md)

00CPG-1005-00 Pressure Transducer (EPSU-600) Rev. -1 Insert.pdf

RG-200 Oxygen Gauge(md)

Built-In Manifolds:

00MAN-0001-01 One Place Low Pressure Manifold Rev. B(md).pdf

00MAN-0002-01 Two Place Low Pressure Manifold Rev. B(md).pdf

00MAN-0004-01 Four Place Low Pressure Manifold Rev. B(md).pdf

00MAN-0006-00 SAE 2x2x2 High Pressure Manifold Rev. A(md).pdf

00MAN-0008-00 SAE 2x2x4 High Pressure Manifold Rev. A(md).pdf

00MAN-0010-00 SAE 4x4x2 High Pressure Manifold Rev. A(md).pdf

00MAN-0012-00 SAE 4x4x4 High Pressure Manifold Rev. A(md).pdf

Manifold-Low profile 5IMAN-002X-00 LPM(CM01-101-00 Rev. C)(md)

Built-In Regulators and Parts:

REG-1058 (5IREG-0053-01)(md)

REG-1058-01 (IN12-101)(md)

PCR Basic Diagram (0PCR0-0053-00)(md).pdf

Pneumatically Controlled Regulator (PCR) Manual Rev. 2.5bc.pdf

PCR RCV-RCR Desmo Control Switch (PCR0-0057-00)(md).pdf

PCR Dimention Diagram (PCR0-0055-00)(md).pdf

PCR(desmo) w Fill Station(md)

PCR(desmo) w Pressure Gauge(md)


Proprietary Data Rights Statement(md)

RCV-RCR (Install. Wiring Diag.) RCV00-050-000$-0 (md)

RCV-RCR 2-4ip 050-000M(md)

RCV-RCR 2-4ip 050-001N(md)

RCV-RCR 2-4ip 050-002L(md)

RCV-RCR Desmo W-Gauge & Fill(md)

RCV-RCR Manual (rev 3.1) 5MRCV-0001-00(md)

RCV-RCR Manual rev 3.0(md)

19026-0003-00 Pneumatic Switch (md).pdf

APCR0-0118-00 Pneumatic PCR-4 way Switch (md).pdf

APCR0-0152-00 Pneumatic ip-3 way Switch (md).pdf

Ground Support Equipment

Hazards of High Pressure Oxygen and Transfilling (md)

High Pressure Hoses:

1/4 NPT High Pressure Flex Lines Rev. C (md).pdf

1/8 NPT High Pressure Flex Lines Rev. C (md).pdf


Oxygen Transfiller Basic Information.pdf

00GSE-1008-00 Rev. A1 TR-55a Transfiller CGA-540 to CGA-540 Insert.pdf

00GSE-1008-01Rev. A1 TR-55a Transfiller CGA-540 to DIN-477 Insert.pdf

00GSE-110x-xx Rev. -0 TR-75c, 95c, and105c Transfiller Insert.pdf

00GSE-1014-00 Rev. A1 TR-875 Transfiller CGA-870 to CGA-540 Insert.pdf

00GSE-1020-00 Cylinder Inter Coupler Kit.pdf

00GSE-1050-00 Rev. 3 FBO Instruction and Safety Manual.pdf

Transfiller Adapter:

00GSE-1000-00 TA-380-N Transfiller Adapter CGA-540-N to AN-800 Rev. B.pdf

00GSE-1002-00 TA-380-S Transfiller Adapter CGA-540-S to AN-800 Rev. B.pdf

00GSE-1004-00 TA-916-S Transfiller Adapter CGA-540-S to Scott Rev. C.pdf

00GSE-1026-00 TA-916-N Transfiller Adapter CGA-540-N to Scott Rev. C.pdf

00GSE-1030-00 TA 1/4 BSPP-M to CGA-540 Nipple Rev. A1.pdf

00GSE-1037-00 TA AN-800 to Scott 9/16-18 Nut.pdf

00GSE-1037-01 TA Scott-N 9/16-18 to 3/8-24 AN-800-M Socket Rev. C.pdf

00GSE-1038-00 TA Scott Nipple to 1/8 NPT-M Rev. B.pdf

00GSE-1039-00 TA JIC-4 To AN-800 Nipple 3″ Length Rev. B.pdf

00GSE-1040-00 1/8 NPT-M to AN-800-3 TA Rev. B

00GSE-1041-00 TA JIC-5 to AN-800 Nipple 3″ Length Rev. B.pdf

00GSE-1042-00 1/4 NPT-Male to AN-800 Nipple 3″ Length Rev. C.pdf

00GSE-1042-01 TA 1/4 NPT-M to AN-800 Nipple 90 Degree Rev. B.pdf

00GSE-1043-02 TA JIC-4 to 9/16 Scott Rev. D0.pdf

00GSE-1043-02 TA JIC-4 to Scott Rev. C.pdf







Transfiller Adapters Tank to Tank:

00GSE-1006-00 TA-540-540 Ga/Gender Switch.pdf

00GSE-1022-00 TA-CGA540 Nipple to DIN-477 Socket Rev. -1 Insert.pdf

00GSE-1023-00 TA-CGA-540 Nut-Nipple to DIN-477 Socket-M Rev. -1 Insert.pdf

00GSE-1024-00 TA 870-Y Medical to CGA-540 Socket.pdf

00GSE-1025-00 CGA-540-N to CGA-870-P Rev. A.pdf

00GSE-1027-00 TA-CGA-540 Socket Male to DIN-477 Nut-Nipple Rev. E0.pdf

00GSE-1028-00 TA-DIN-477-9 Nipple to DIN-477-9 Socket Male Rev. -1.pdf

00GSE-1029-01 TA-CGA-540 to AN800 Rev. A.pdf

00GSE-1032-00 TA-CGA-540 Nipple to 9/16-18 Scott-M Rev. -0.pdf

00GSE-1044-00 TA-CGA-540 Socket to BS-341-3 Socket.pdf

00GSE-1046-00 TA-CGA-540 Nipple to -4 JIC Male.pdf

All PDFs

5I930-0010-00 (E-930001$B) Tube, High Pressure Copper(md)

5IREG-0050-06$-0 (Inline Step-down Regulator Information Sheet [SCD])(md)

AAA-036b Compression Fitting(md)

CM01-101-00 High Pressure Manifold (md).pdf

CM01-101-01High Pressure Manifold (md).pdf

CoPilot Manual(md) Fill Port line-up(md)

IPR Tubing InterfaceApp(md)


IPR-Tubing Application(md)

KF-Cylinder Set(md)

RMA Form(md)

Swagelok Install Procedure(md)

XCP Placard(md)