Protective Gear

These masks and filters are perfect for crop-dusting or the transport of patients.  The filters can be used in conjunction with our ALPS Oxygen mask.

In stock, but supplies are limited.

The Honeywell North RU8500 Series half mask is one of the only reusable half masks on the market with a speech diaphragm. This feature offers improved speech clarity – eliminating the need for workers to leave the work space or doff the mask in order to communicate. The optional Mountain High Aviation Microphone can be installed in this port. Made from soft, flexible silicone, the RU8500 provides users with a comfortable fit for hours of use while the dual sealing flange provides an excellent facepiece seal. The RU8500 also has the unique option of a diverter exhalation valve cover, which directs exhaled breath downward.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak Honeywell is limiting it’s sales of masks and filters.

Protective Gear

0MSKx-0200-00RU8500 Mask Skirt

Great for crop dusting or transporting patients.

09025-7582-00Filter, Respirator, Pancake Cartridge, 2/pk

Sold in pairs.

09025-7500-37Filter Holder, Respirator, 2/PK

Sold in pairs.

09025-7506-95Filter, Respirator Insert, 10/pk

Sold in 10 packs, (2 per pk).

09025-7580-00780P100 Particulate Filter

Replacement filter. Sold in pairs.

AMSK-7500Face Mask with Respirators

Honeywell RU8500 mask with N100 filters.

0MSKB-0002-J Bracket w/Straps and Harness for ALPS

Convert your Mountain High face mask to helmet use.

AMSK0-0115-00ALPS Mask Microphone with U173 Connector

ALPS mask microphone.

AMSK0-0109-00Mic, QD, Cable Assembly, U173/U Connector (PJ-068 Jack) ALPS.

ALPS mask mic cable. U173/U PJ-068 jack.