Ground Support Equipment Accessories

Accessories, Ground support

00HDW-0366-02Washer, for CGA-870 Cyl. Yoke

Replacement sealing washer for all TA-870 products.

0CP01-0101-01AN-800-3 Socket/Chain Assy

Replacement socket and chain for AN-800 (3/8-24) Nut and Nipple.

00GSE-1098-00Transfiller Accessory, Grip Knob Spanner Wrench

A must have tool!
MH – Transfill Nut-Driver Wrench

00HDW-0397-02Valve line w/bleed

1/4″ NPT-F Inlet – 1/4″ NPT-F Outlet

6000 PSI Working Pressure

09001-0011-90O-RING 2-011 V90

Replacement O-Ring for all CGA-540 Regulator & Trans-fill.

09001-3113-70O-RING 2-113 E70 (DIN)

Replacement O-Ring for all DIN-477#9 regulators & transfill.