Hardware: Clamps, O-Rings, Caps & Plugs

Clamps, O-Rings, Caps & Plugs

0CP01-0100-01AN-800-3 Cap and Chain
Replacement AN 800-3 Cap and Chain (Brass)
0CP02-0103-01Scott Cap and Chain
Replacement Scott Cap and Chain (Brass)
0CP01-0101-01AN-800-3 Socket/Chain Assy

Replacement socket and chain for AN-800 (3/8-24) Nut and Nipple.

00OEM-0014-001/8 TO 1/8 Metal Barb Union

Barb only (1/8″ to 1/8″ metal barb union).

00HDW-0386-00Plug SAE-4 w/-904 O-Ring

SAE-4 Plug w/O-Ring

00HDW-0389-00Hex Plug 1/8 NPT-M ext, Brass

1/8 NPT-M Hex Plug

00HDW-0390-00Hex Plug 1/8 NPT-M int, Brass

1/8 NPT-M Hex Plug

00HDW-0391-00Hex Plug 1/4 NPT-M ext, Brass

1/4 NPT-M Hex Plug

00HDW-0394-00Plug 1/8 NPT-M int hex aluminum

1/8 NPT-M Hex Plug-Alum.

09001-0210-90O-RING for Aluminum (AL) and Carbon Fiber Filament Cylinders (CFFC)

Replacement O-Ring to fit between Valve of AL and CFFC type Cylinders.
O-RING 2-210 V90

09001-3908-70O-RING 3-908 E70 for (KF/CFF) Cylinders

Replacement O-Ring to fit between Valve of KF and CFF type Cylinders.

09001-0011-90O-RING 2-011 V90

Replacement O-Ring for all CGA-540 Regulator & Trans-fill.
Fits CGA-540 Nipple.

09001-3006-70O-RING 2-006 E70

Replacement O-Ring for EZ-Breathe Quick Disconnect.

09001-3008-70O-RING 2-008 E70

Replacement O-Ring for above 1/4″ CPC style fittings.

09001-3113-70O-RING 2-113 E70 (DIN)

Replacement O-Ring for all DIN-477#9 regulators & transfill.
Fits DIN 477-9 Nipple.

00VEN-0111-05Christo-Lube MCG 111 Tube -5g For Oxygen
Non-reactive lubricant safe for aviation oxygen equipment.
Great for use on O-Rings.



09008-0070-00Clamp, Oetiker, #7.0

Oetiker  7.0mm hose clamp

09008-0080-00Clamp, Oetiker, #8.0

Oetiker  8.0mm ear clamp

09008-0087-00Clamp, Oetiker, #8.7

Oetiker  8.7mm hose clamp

19056-0496-00One-Touch 4mm Dust Caps

Cap One-Touch 4mm

19056-0498-00One-Touch 4mm Dust Plugs

Port Pug One-Touch 4mm

19056-0696-00One-Touch 6mm Dust Caps

Cap One-Touch 6mm

19056-0698-00One-Touch 6mm Dust Plug

One-Touch 6mm port plug

19056-0699-06Cap, 6mm Blue Collar

6mm blue indicator cap as used on the oxygen outlets on all O2D1 and all O2D2 units.

19056-0499-02Cap, 4mm Red Collar

4mm red indicator cap as used on the oxygen inlets on all O2D1 and all O2D2 units.