Face Masks

Face Masks

AMSK-2000ALPS Facemasks with or without Microphone

Available in small, medium and large, with or with out microphone and choice of feed-tube.

MBU-20 for EDS Pulse-Demand
NOW AVAILABLE,  Conversion for MBU-20 Facemask
Please call for pricing and details.


0MSKB-0002-J Bracket w/Straps and Harness for ALPS

Convert your Mountain High Facemask to helmet use.

00EDS-1078-00Face Mask EDS

Face mask for the EDS pulse demand systems.  For use above 18,000 ft.
For use with all One-Touch fittings.

00XCP-1050-01Face Mask MH-XCP

Constant flow face mask to be used with a MH-4 flowmeter.

00XCR-1036-00Face Mask XCR w/tubing

Face mask to be used with our XCR systems, which has a MH-3 or MH-4 Flowmeter.

00EOS-0018-00Face Mask EOS

EOS Replacement Facemask.
Includes Roto Flow Indicator and CPC style fitting.

00VEN-0077-00Wipe Clean 4 Sure

Sanitize your face masks

Disinfectant-Sanitizer-Food contact sanitizer
The Byotrol product line offers a solution to most hygiene
problems for surfaces, buildings and personnel. It can be
used in an existing cleaning regimen to keep surfaces cleaner
longer while not causing a change in cleaning protocols.
Safe for hands and face, alcohol free. Used by airlines
Recommended for Face-Mask cleaning and disinfecting.

00EDS-1079-00Face Mask EDS-ip
Face mask for the early EDS-ip systems.
Fits early break-away style.
00VEN-0066-00XCP Face Mask (Pediatric)

Pediatric (child’s) Constant Flow (XCP) Facemask w/tubing to be used with the MH-4 flowmeter.