EDS-ip Built-in Technology

It's finally happened! Mountain High has produced the only electronic instrument panel-mountable pulse-demand oxygen system expressly designed for the general aviation market.

Refill Your O2 Cylinder!

The TA-916-S, TA-916-N,TA-380-S, and TA-380-N. (N=CGA-540 nipple and S=CGA-540 socket) allow pilots to fill their aircraft oxygen cylinders by themselves. Each oxygen transfiller contains particle filters on the CGA-540 inlets, o-rings on nipples and hygiene caps with chains. These superior oxygen transfiller adapters are economically priced as well.

Cylinder Mounting Ideas

We've seen some great cylinder mounting ideas and thought we would pass them along! Take a look!

United Postal Service

It has come to our attention that after multiple shipping problems, the use of the United States Postal System (USPS) is not a reliable method of shipping.