Hardware: Low-pressure Fittings

We define “low pressure” as regulated Oxygen pressure that is below 100 psi. Most of the low pressure fittings are specified for pressures not exceeding 150psi.

Low Pressure

19056-0400-00Union 4mm, One-Touch

Union 4×4, one-touch.

19056-0600-00Union 6mm, One-Touch

Union 6mm 180º, one-touch.

00HDW-1314-00Union 6mm / 4mm, One-Touch

Tube fitting 6mm to 4mm union.

00HDW-1312-008mm to 6mm Reducing Union, One-Touch

8mm to 6mm reducing union, one-touch.

19056-0300-00Fitting Union Mini 1/8 in., One-Touch

Fitting union mini 1/8″, one-touch.

00HDW-1378-00TRANS. Union Kit/Coupling Kit, One-Touch

6mm-to-4mm union w/barb coupling assy.

00HDW-1330-00Tee 4x4x4mm

Tube fitting 4x4x4mm (T).

00HDW-1328-00Tee 6x6x6mm, One-Touch

Tube fitting 6x6x6mm (T).

00HDW-1326-00Tee 8x8x8mm, One-Touch

Tee 8x8x8mm, one-touch.

00HDW-1338-00Union 4x4x4mm Y, One-Touch

Tube fitting 4x4x4mm (Y).

00HDW-1338-014X4X4mm w/CV Y Union, One-Touch

Tube fitting 4x4x4mm (Y) w/check valve.

00HDW-1336-00Union 6x6x6mm Y, One-Touch

Tube fitting 6x6x6mm (Y).

00HDW-1332-00Union 6X4X4 Y, One-Touch

Union 6X4X4 Y, one-touch.

00HDW-1334-00Union 8x8x8mm Y, One-Touch

Union 8x8x8mm Y, one-touch.

00HDW-0402-00Kit T and Y Union 4mm, One-Touch

Tube fitting 4mm (T&Y) kit.

00HDW-0400-00Kit T and Y Union 6mm, One-Touch

Tube fitting 6mm (T&Y) kit. One-touch.

00XCP-1030XCP Tubing Extension (Variable Lengths)

XCP extension available in 3-, 4-, 6-, & 20-ft. lengths.

00CPC-0004-00CPC 180 Straight Male Fitting, 1/8 in. Barb, for 8/32 (1/4 in.)

CPC fitting 1/8″ straight male (barb).  Most common used.
Fits 6mm poly tube and 1/4″ PVC.

00CPC-0005-00CPC 180 Straight 3/16 Barb for 9/32

CPC fitting 3/16″ straight male (barb).
Fits 9/32″ PVC tubing

00CPC-0005-01CPC 180 Straight Fitting, 3/16 Barb, with Filter.

CPC fitting 3/16″ straight male barb with filter.

00CPC-0006-00CPC 180 Male Metal Fitting 1/8-in. Barb, for 8/32 (1/4 in.)

CPC fitting 1/8″ straight male metal. (Plated brass, 1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0006-01CPC 180 Male Metal Fitting 1/8 in. Barb, with Filter.

CPC fitting 1/8″ male metal bar with filter.

00CPC-0030-00CPC 180 Male Metal Fitting 3/16-in. Barb, for 9/32-inch OD

CPC fitting 3/16″ straight male metal (plated brass, 3/16″ barb).

00CPC-0008-00Elbow Male CPC 90 FItting

CPC fitting 90° male connector (1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0010-00CPC Expander Fitting w/CV low

CPC in-line connector with check valve (1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0014-00Fitting Bulkhead CPC Plastic, no Check Valve

CPC bulkhead connector without check valve. (1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0018-00Fitting Bulkhead CPC Plastic w/Check Valve

CPC bulkhead connector with check valve (1/8″ barb.)

00CPC-0018-02Fitting Bulkhead w/CV (metal)

CPC metal bulkhead fitting with check valve (Plated brass, 1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0012-00CPC Med Press QD w/CV, Lock Barb, Plastic

CPC in-line connector with check valve.
Compression fitting fits 6mm poly tubing.

00CPC-0016-00Fitting 1/8 NPT-M w/CV (plastic)

CPC 1/8″ NPT-male connector with check valve.

00CPC-0020-00Fitting 1/8 NPT-M- reg. w/CV (metal)

CPC metal fitting 1/8″ NPT-M with check valve.

00CPC-0014-03Bulkhead Fitting Kit, CPC Plastic wo/CV 2 Male Connectors

CPC-style bulkhead kit without check valve.
Includes (1) straight 1/8″ barb fitting and (1) elbow 1/8″ barb fitting.

00CPC-0018-03CPC Bulkhead Kit w/Check Valve

CPC-style bulkhead kit with check valve.
The check valve makes it self-sealing when the male connector is removed.
Includes (1) straight 1/8″ barb fitting and (1) elbow 1/8″ barb fitting.

00HDW-1320-00Elbow 6x6mm 90°, One-Touch

Tube fitting 6mm elbow.

00HDW-1322-00Elbow 4x4mm 90°, One-Touch

Tube fitting 4mm elbow.

19056-0406-00Fitting, 4mm, 90º, One-Touch

Fitting, 4mm, 90º, one-touch.

19056-0606-00Fitting, 6mm, 90º, One-Touch

Fitting, 6mm, 90º, one-touch.

19056-0494-00Valve 4mm Ball Union Straight, One-Touch

Valve 4mm ball union straight, one-touch.

19056-0694-00Valve, 6mm Ball Union Straight, One-Touch

Tube fitting 6mm valve.

19056-0402-00Fitting, One-Touch 4mm x 6-1.0mm

Fitting one-touch 4mm tube x 6-1.0mm thread.

19056-0602-00Fitting, One-Touch 6mm x 6-1.0mm

Fitting, one-touch 6mm tube x 6-1.0mm thread

00HDW-1352-011/8 NPT-M to 4mm/CV, One-Touch

Tube fitting 1/8″ NPT-M to 4mm w/check valve.

00HDW-1352-001/8 NPT-M to 4mm Union, One-Touch

Tube union 1/8″ NPT-M to 4mm poly fitting.

00HDW-1350-001/8 NPT-M to 6mm Union, One-Touch

Tube union 1/8″ NPT-M to 6mm poly fitting.

19056-0808-00Fitting, 8mm x 1/8 inch NPT-M, One-Touch

Fitting, 8mm x 1/8″ NPT-M, one-touch.

00HDW-1354-00Elbow 4mm Swivel 1/8 NPT-M, 90º One-Touch

Tube fitting 4mm swivel 1/8″ NPT-M elbow.

00HDW-1353-00Elbow 6mm Swivel 1/8 NPT-M, 90º One-Touch

Tube fitting 6mm swivel 1/8″ NPT-M elbow.

19056-0403-00Fitting, One-Touch 4mm x 1/8 BSPP, 180º, One-Touch

One-touch 4mm x 1/8″ BSPP 180º fitting.

19056-0603-006mm x 1/8 BSPP, 180º, One-Touch

One-touch 6mm x 1/8″ BSPP.

19056-0803-00Fitting, One-Touch 8mm x 1/8 BSPP

Fitting, one-touch 8mm x 1/8 BSPP.

19056-0404-00Fitting, One-Touch 4mm x 1/8 BSPP, 90º, One-Touch

One-touch 4mm x 1/8″ BSPP 90º fitting.

19056-0604-00Fitting, 6mm x 1/8 BSPP 90º, One-Touch

Fitting, 6mm x 1/8 BSPP 90º, one-touch.

00HDW-1376-00Barbed Feed Tube Assy., 6mm

6mm feed tube w/barb assy.

19056-0305-00Fitting, One-Touch 1/8 inch Bulkhead Union, One-Touch

One-touch bulkhead tube union 1/8″.

00HDW-1346-004mm Bulkhead Union, One-Touch

Tube union 4mm bulkhead fitting.

00HDW-1344-02Bulkhead Union 6mm Mini, One-Touch

Bulkhead union 6mm mini, one-touch.

00OEM-0014-001/8 to 1/8 Metal Barb Union

Barb only (1/8″ to 1/8″ metal barb union).

19056-0605-N5Union 6mm Bulkhead, One-Touch

One-touch 6mm-mini bulkhead fitting (metal).

00CPC-0028-00CPC 90 Elbow Male, Coupling (Brass)

1/8 in. hose barb non-valved elbow coupling insert
plated brass

19051-0604-00Fitting 1/8 BSPP(M) to 6mm Poly Tube

Fitting  1/8″ BSPP(M)-6mm poly tube.

00HDW-1362-00Fitting CPC 1/8 NPT-M-6mm Poly Tube

Fitting CPC 1/8 NPT-M-6mm poly tube.

00CPC-0018-01Bulkhead Outlet Kit CPC with Check Valve

CPC bulkhead-style outlet (1/8″ barb) with check valve.
Includes medallion.

50001-0002-00Oxygen Plate Label (Label Only)

Label “Oxygen No Smoking” to be affixed to plate (also available) for panel-mounted oxygen outlets

50001-0001-00Oxygen Label Plate (Plate Only)

Plate for the “Oxygen No Smoking” label.

09001-3006-70O-Ring 2-006 E70

Replacement O-ring for EZ-Breathe quick-disconnect.

09001-3008-70O-Ring 2-008 E70

Replacement O-ring for above 1/4″ CPC-style fittings.

09008-0080-00Clamp, Oetiker, #8.0

Oetiker  8.0mm ear clamp

09008-0087-00Clamp, Oetiker, #8.7

Oetiker  8.7mm hose clamp