Built-in: Regulators and Parts

Regulators and parts intended for built-in applications.

Regulators and Parts

ARCV2-0100-12RCV/RCR, 12V, No Transducer

RCV/RCR-12V Cylinder or Remote mount. No transducer

(Unavailable Online. Call to order: 1-800-468-8185)

ARCV2-0100-24RCV/RCR, 24V, No Transducer

RCV/RCR-24V Cylinder or remote mount. No transducer

ARCV2-0140-00RCV/RCR-2, Pneumatic (manual)

RCV/RCR-2 Pneumatic (manual).

(Unavailable Online. Call to order: 1-800-468-8185)

00REG-1048EDS In-line Reducing Regulator (ILR)

EDS Reducing Regulator with your choice of Scott, 750, 566, or CPC connector.

KPCR0-1003-00PCR Regulator System No Breathing Stations

(for pressurized or non-pressurized aircraft)
The PCR system without Breathing Stations.

KPCR0-1004-00PCR Regulator System w/Breathing Stations

(for pressurized or non-pressurized aircraft)
The complete PCR system with Breathing Stations.

APCR0-0117-00PCR 4-way Switch Assembly, Dual Action, (Desmodromic)

Replacement switch (Valve) for the PCR & RCV/RCR-2G Desmodromic pressure reducing regulators.
Switch without tubing.

KPCR0-1002-00PCR w/4-way Switch kit, Dual Action.

(for pressurized or non-pressurized aircraft)
The complete PCR system only, minus Outlets and Flow Stations.

APCR0-0118-00PCR 4-way Switch kit, Dual Action, (Desmo) w/tubing

PCR 4-Way Switch kit Dual Action (Desmodromic)

APCR0-0152-002ip & 4ip Emergency Bypass Switch w/fittings
Replacement Emergency (Valve) Switch for 2 & 4ip systems.
APCR0-0114-002ip & 4ip Emergency Bypass 3-way Switch kit w/tubing
Replacement Emergency (Valve) Switch Kit for 2ip & 4ip systems.
Kit includes tubing.


00HDW-0364-00Reducing Adapter for steel cylinders
Reducing Adapter, 1 in NGT x 3/4-16 UNF
00HDW-0396-01Adapter for 1in NGT (MH-1)

This  MH-1 adapter allows you to use the 3/4-16 threaded cylinder and adapt to your 1″ NGT Scott valve.

If you have an older valve/reg with the 1in NGT taper thread  this adapter allows you to use the more current 3/4-16″ thread found on most current cylinders.

Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum.  Not PMA approved

Sealing O-rings for cylinder included.

Click the link below to find the O-ring that fits your application.


APCR2-0100-00PCR-2 CGA-540 Reg. Dual Action Assy.

Pneumatically Controlled Regulator (PCR-2)
Our new simple to install and simple to operate PCR-2 Oxygen regulator kit for built-in and portable applications. (Although these systems have been designed to meet and exceed FAA TSO and AIR specification, They are not meant for the certified market without an STC or 337.)