Hardware: Colder (CPC) Fittings

Click-to-Connect couplings provide reliable, intuitive, cost effective connections for gas or liquid flow applications.
Featuring the CPC thumb latch and one hand connection and disconnection make this a choice for ease of use.

Material is Acetal or chrome plated Brass

CPC (Quick Couplings)

00XCP-1030XCP Tubing Extension (Variable Lengths)

XCP extension available in 3-, 4-, 6-, & 20-ft. lengths.

00CPC-0004-00CPC 180 Straight Male Fitting, 1/8 in. Barb, for 8/32 (1/4 in.)

CPC fitting 1/8″ straight male (barb).  Most common used.
Fits 6mm poly tube and 1/4″ PVC.

00CPC-0005-00CPC 180 Straight 3/16 Barb for 9/32

CPC fitting 3/16″ straight male (barb).
Fits 9/32″ PVC tubing

00CPC-0005-01CPC 180 Straight Fitting, 3/16 Barb, with Filter.

CPC fitting 3/16″ straight male barb with filter.

00CPC-0006-00CPC 180 Male Metal Fitting 1/8-in. Barb, for 8/32 (1/4 in.)

CPC fitting 1/8″ straight male metal. (Plated brass, 1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0006-01CPC 180 Male Metal Fitting 1/8 in. Barb, with Filter.

CPC fitting 1/8″ male metal bar with filter.

00CPC-0030-00CPC 180 Male Metal Fitting 3/16-in. Barb, for 9/32-inch OD

CPC fitting 3/16″ straight male metal (plated brass, 3/16″ barb).

00CPC-0008-00Elbow Male CPC 90 FItting

CPC fitting 90° male connector (1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0010-00CPC Expander Fitting w/CV low

CPC in-line connector with check valve (1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0014-00Fitting Bulkhead CPC Plastic, no Check Valve

CPC bulkhead connector without check valve. (1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0018-00Fitting Bulkhead CPC Plastic w/Check Valve

CPC bulkhead connector with check valve (1/8″ barb.)

00CPC-0018-02Fitting Bulkhead w/CV (metal)

CPC metal bulkhead fitting with check valve (Plated brass, 1/8″ barb).

00CPC-0012-00CPC Med Press QD w/CV, Lock Barb, Plastic

CPC in-line connector with check valve.
Compression fitting fits 6mm poly tubing.

00CPC-0016-00Fitting 1/8 NPT-M w/CV (plastic)

CPC 1/8″ NPT-male connector with check valve.

00CPC-0020-00Fitting 1/8 NPT-M- reg. w/CV (metal)

CPC metal fitting 1/8″ NPT-M with check valve.

00CPC-0014-03Bulkhead Fitting Kit, CPC Plastic wo/CV 2 Male Connectors

CPC-style bulkhead kit without check valve.
Includes (1) straight 1/8″ barb fitting and (1) elbow 1/8″ barb fitting.

00CPC-0018-03CPC Bulkhead Kit w/Check Valve

CPC-style bulkhead kit with check valve.
The check valve makes it self-sealing when the male connector is removed.
Includes (1) straight 1/8″ barb fitting and (1) elbow 1/8″ barb fitting.

00CPC-0028-00CPC 90 Elbow Male, Coupling (Brass)

1/8 in. hose barb non-valved elbow coupling insert
plated brass

19051-0604-00Fitting 1/8 BSPP(M) to 6mm Poly Tube

Fitting  1/8″ BSPP(M)-6mm poly tube.

00HDW-1362-00Fitting CPC 1/8 NPT-M-6mm Poly Tube

Fitting CPC 1/8 NPT-M-6mm poly tube.

00CPC-0018-01Bulkhead Outlet Kit CPC with Check Valve

CPC bulkhead-style outlet (1/8″ barb) with check valve.
Includes medallion.

50001-0002-00Oxygen Plate Label (Label Only)

Label “Oxygen No Smoking” to be affixed to plate (also available) for panel-mounted oxygen outlets

50001-0001-00Oxygen Label Plate (Plate Only)

Plate for the “Oxygen No Smoking” label.

09001-3006-70O-Ring 2-006 E70

Replacement O-ring for EZ-Breathe quick-disconnect.

09001-3008-70O-Ring 2-008 E70

Replacement O-ring for above 1/4″ CPC-style fittings.

09008-0080-00Clamp, Oetiker, #8.0

Oetiker  8.0mm ear clamp

09008-0087-00Clamp, Oetiker, #8.7

Oetiker  8.7mm hose clamp