Cannulas / Face Masks

Cannulas/Face masks

00XCP-1044-00XCP Mustache-Style Oxymizer Cannula
For use with our XCP constant flow systems with the MH-3 flowmeter.
00XCP-1046-00XCP Pendant-Style Oxymizer Cannula

Pendant-Style Oxymizer Cannula conects directly to the outlet of our MH-3 or MH-4 flowmeters.

00XCP-1092-00E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula for XCP (Flowmeter)

E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula for MH and most Constant Flow systems

00XCP-1040-01XCP Standard Aviators Cannula
XCP Standard Aviators Cannula for use with the MH-4 Flowmeters.
AMSK-2000ALPS Facemasks with or without Microphone

Available in small, medium and large, with or with out microphone and choice of feed-tube.

AMSK0-0100All Feedtubes for ALPS Masks
Choose your connection EDS, IP, or Constant Flow.
00EDS-1092-00Cannula, E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula for EDS-Pulse Demand (One Touch) connector.

E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula for EDS Pulse-Demand systems

00EDS-1084Cannulas for EDS-O2D1 and O2D2 kits
Replacement cannulas for the EDS (Pulse Demand) systems
MBU-20 for EDS Pulse-Demand
NOW AVAILABLE,  Conversion for MBU-20 Facemask
Please call for pricing and details.


0MSKB-0002-J Bracket w/Straps and Harness for ALPS

Convert your Mountain High Facemask to helmet use.

00EDS-1078-00Face Mask EDS

Face mask for the EDS pulse demand systems.  For use above 18,000 ft.
For use with all One-Touch fittings.

00XCP-1050-01Face Mask MH-XCP

Constant flow face mask to be used with a MH-4 flowmeter.

00XCR-1040-00XCR Conserving Cannula
Replacement XCR cannulas
Not for use with EDS or XCP systems. Use for XCR constant flow only!


00XCR-1036-00Face Mask XCR w/tubing

Face mask to be used with our XCR systems, which has a MH-3 or MH-4 Flowmeter.

00XCR-1042-00XCR Conserving (Pendant) Cannula
Replacement XCR cannulas
Not for use with EDS or XCP systems. Use for XCR constant flow only!
00EOS-0018-00Face Mask EOS

EOS Replacement Facemask.
Includes Roto Flow Indicator and CPC style fitting.

AMSK0-0101Feedtube Assembly for ALPS, Emergency (EOS) Masks
Feedtubes to use ALPS for Emergency
AMSK0-0106-00ALPS Mic Mask/Bose Adapter Assembly

Alps Mic. Mask/Bose Adapter Assembly

00VEN-0077-00Wipe Clean 4 Sure$0.55
0MSKB-0001-00Blue Facemask SUP Cradle Headband Kit$24.00
00EDS-1092-01Cannula, E-Z Breathe-II IP

E-Z Breathe cannula for ip systems

19053-0009-00E-Z Breathe QD, CPC Twist Lock

E-Z Breathe Quick Disconnect.
This connector allows the disconnect of the feed tube while leaving the Boom arm in place on the headset.

00EDS-1079-00Face Mask EDS-ip
Face mask for the early EDS-ip systems.
Fits early break-away style.
00XCP-1045-00Pediatric-XCP Cannula

Pediatric standard aviation nasal cannual to be used with the MH flowmeters.

00VEN-0074-01E-Z Breathe-II Replacement Cannula, assembly

E-Z Breathe Replacement Cannula.

00VEN-0073-02Adhesive Dot, 3/4 in. (2 pack)

Adhesive Dot to attach E-Z-Breathe ball to Headset.

00VEN-0072-01E-Z Breathe, Adapter-Post Universal

E-Z Breathe Adapter-Post.

00VEN-0071-00E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula

E-Z Breathe-II Cannula Boom.

09054-0803-09E-Z Breathe Spacer

Replacement E-Z Breathe spacer

09052-0802-04E-Z Breathe Replacement Nut

E-Z Breathe Replacement Nut.

60000-0012-0012 x12 Tote Bag

Handy 12″ X 12″ zippered fabric tote bag for storing cannulas, face masks, flowmeters or other small items.

09120-0812-05Thumbscrew, #8-32 x 3/4, 7/16 Knurled w/shoulder, Brass$2.50
AMSK0-0115-00ALPS Mask Microphone with U173 Connector

ALPS Mask Microphone.

AMSK0-0109-00Mic, QD, Cable Assembly, U173/U Connector (PJ-068 Jack) ALPS.

ALPS Mask mic cable. U173/U PJ-068 Jack.

AMSK0-0107-00Mic, QD, Cable Assembly, (SMB) W/PJ-068 .206 inch Jack, ALPS.

ALPS Mask mic cable. (Early Style SMB) PJ-068 Jack

00VEN-0066-00XCP Face Mask (Pediatric)

Pediatric (child’s) Constant Flow (XCP) Facemask w/tubing to be used with the MH-4 flowmeter.

00EDS-1086-00Pediatric Cannula for use with EDS Systems$10.00
00EDS-1085EDS-ip Cannula
Replacement cannula for early style built in 2ip & 4ip EDS systems.
09001-3006-70O-RING 2-006 E70

Replacement O-Ring for EZ-Breathe Quick Disconnect.

00EDS-1070-03XCP to EDS Adapter$8.00