Cannulas / Face Masks

Cannulas/Face Masks

00XCP-1044-00XCP Mustache-Style Oxymizer Cannula

For use with our XCP constant-flow systems with the MH-3 flowmeter.

Not for use with EDS systems. Use for XCP constant-flow only!

00XCP-1046-00XCP Pendant-Style Oxymizer Cannula

Pendant-style Oxymizer cannula connects directly to the outlet of our MH-3 or MH-4 flowmeters.

00XCP-1092-00E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula for XCP (Flowmeter-Type)

E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula for MH and most constant-flow systems.
For use with flowmeters.

00XCP-1040-01XCP Standard Aviators Cannula

XCP standard aviators cannula for use with the MH-4 flowmeters.

AMSK-2000ALPS Face Masks with or without Microphone

Available in small, medium and large, with or without microphone and choice of feed tube.

AMSK0-0100All Feed Tubes for ALPS Masks

Choose your connection EDS, IP, or constant-flow.

00EDS-1092-00Cannula, E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula for EDS-Pulse Demand (One-Touch) Connector

E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula for EDS Pulse-Demand systems

00EDS-1084Cannulas for all EDS and (ip) Systems

Replacement cannulas for the EDS (Pulse Demand) systems.

MBU-20 for EDS Pulse-Demand
NOW AVAILABLE,  Conversion for MBU-20 Facemask
Please call for pricing and details.


0MSKB-0002-J Bracket w/Straps and Harness for ALPS

Convert your Mountain High face mask to helmet use.

00EDS-1078-00Face Mask EDS

Face mask for the EDS pulse demand systems.  For use above 18,000 ft.
For use with all One-Touch fittings.

00XCP-1050-01Face Mask MH-XCP

Constant-flow face mask to be used with a MH-4 flowmeter.

00XCR-1040-00XCR Conserving Cannula

Replacement XCR cannulas
Not for use with EDS or XCP systems. Use for XCR constant-flow only!


00XCR-1036-00Face Mask XCR w/Tubing

Face mask to be used with our XCR systems, which has a MH-3 or MH-4 flowmeter.

00XCR-1042-00XCR Conserving (Pendant) Cannula

Replacement XCR cannulas
Not for use with EDS or XCP systems. Use for XCR constant-flow only!

00EOS-0018-00Face Mask EOS

EOS replacement face mask.
Includes Roto Flow Indicator and CPC-style fitting.

AMSK0-0101Feed-Tube Assembly for ALPS, Emergency (EOS) Masks

Feed tubes to use ALPS for emergency.

AMSK0-0106-00ALPS Mic Mask/Bose Adapter Assembly

ALPS mic. mask/Bose adapter assembly.

00VEN-0077-00Wipe Clean 4 Sure

Sanitize your face masks.

Disinfectant-sanitizer food-contact sanitizer.
The Byotrol product line offers a solution to most hygiene
problems for surfaces, buildings and personnel. It can be
used in an existing cleaning regimen to keep surfaces cleaner
longer while not causing a change in cleaning protocols.
Safe for hands and face, alcohol-free. Used by airlines.
Recommended for face-mask cleaning and disinfecting.

0MSKB-0001-00Blue Face Mask SUP Cradle Headband Kit

Headband kit for use with the ALPS face mask.

00EDS-1092-01Cannula, E-Z Breathe-II IP

E-Z Breathe cannula for ip systems

19053-0009-00E-Z Breathe QD, CPC Twist-Lock

E-Z Breathe quick-disconnect.
This connector allows the disconnect of the feed tube while leaving the boom arm in place on the headset.

00EDS-1079-00Face Mask EDS-ip

Face mask for the early EDS-ip systems.
Fits early break-away style.

00XCP-1045-00Pediatric-XCP Cannula

Pediatric standard aviation nasal cannula to be used with the MH flowmeters.

00VEN-0074-01E-Z Breathe-II Replacement Cannula, Assembly

E-Z Breathe replacement cannula.

00VEN-0073-02Adhesive Dot, 3/4 in. (2-Pack)

Adhesive dot to attach E-Z-Breathe ball to headset.

00VEN-0072-01E-Z Breathe, Adapter-Post Universal

E-Z Breathe adapter-post.

00VEN-0071-00E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula

E-Z Breathe-II Cannula Boom.

09054-0803-09E-Z Breathe Spacer

Replacement E-Z Breathe spacer

09052-0802-04E-Z Breathe Replacement Nut

E-Z Breathe replacement nut.

60000-0012-0012 x12 Tote Bag

Handy 12″ X 12″ zippered fabric tote bag for storing cannulas, face masks, flowmeters or other small items.

09120-0812-05Thumbscrew, #8-32 x 3/4, 7/16 Knurled w/Shoulder, Brass

E-Z Breathe cannula replacement brass thumbscrew.

AMSK0-0115-00ALPS Mask Microphone with U173 Connector

ALPS mask microphone.

AMSK0-0109-00Mic, QD, Cable Assembly, U173/U Connector (PJ-068 Jack) ALPS.

ALPS mask mic cable. U173/U PJ-068 jack.

AMSK0-0107-00Mic, QD, Cable Assembly, (SMB) W/PJ-068 .206-inch Jack, ALPS.

ALPS mask mic cable. (Early-Style SMB) PJ-068 jack.

00VEN-0066-00XCP Face Mask (Pediatric)

Pediatric (child’s) constant-flow (XCP) face mask w/tubing, to be used with the MH-4 flowmeter.

00EDS-1086-00Pediatric Cannula for use with EDS Systems

The EDS pediatric cannula and tubing have been specially designed and tested to provide the user with the correct oxygen flow with the kink-resistant tubing.  Do not use standard medical cannulas as you may not receive adequate oxygen flow or oxygen-conserving optimization.

The cannula, face mask and service line connect to the EDS unit via color-coded “Quick-Connects” providing an airtight fitting by hand. These fittings can be connected and disconnected many times.

00EDS-1085EDS-ip Cannula

Replacement cannula for early-style built-in 2ip & 4ip EDS systems.

09001-3006-70O-Ring 2-006 E70

Replacement O-ring for EZ-Breathe quick-disconnect.

00EDS-1070-03XCP to EDS Adapter

Adapter for the EDS.
This item allows the user to convert the XCP cannula fitting to adapt for use with our EDS units.
This can be used with the 00XCP-1092-00 EZ-Breathe cannula or the 00XCP-1040-00 standard cannula.
This is NOT to be used with ANY XCP conserving type cannula or facemask.