The XCP, (Cross Country Pilot) is standard issue on all Constant Flow Systems using the MH3 or MH4 Flowmeter.

The exception is the XCR, (Cross Country Racer) which is predominantly used with Hang gliders and Para Gliders and has the green or blue 6mm tube tip.

Further more the conserving type cannula should NEVER be used with any EDS system.


00XCP-1044-00XCP Mustache-Style Oxymizer Cannula
For use with our XCP constant flow systems with the MH-3 flowmeter.
00XCP-1046-00XCP Pendant-Style Oxymizer Cannula

Pendant-Style Oxymizer Cannula conects directly to the outlet of our MH-3 or MH-4 flowmeters.

00EDS-1084Cannulas for EDS-O2D1 and O2D2 kits
Replacement cannulas for the EDS (Pulse Demand) systems
00XCR-1040XCR Cannula
Replacement XCR cannulas
Not for use with EDS or XCP systems. Use for constant flow only!
00XCP-1040-01XCP Standard Aviators Cannula
XCP Standard Aviators Cannula for use with the MH-4 Flowmeters.
00EDS-1085EDS-ip Cannula
Replacement cannula for early style built in 2ip & 4ip EDS systems.
00XCP-1045-00XCP Cannula (Pediatric)

Pediatric standard aviation nasal cannual to be used with the MH flowmeters.

00EDS-1086-00Pediatric Cannula for use with EDS Systems$10.00