36699-0005-019V Battery Terminals 25/pk

9V Battery terminals with pig-tails
Bundle of 25   Aprox. 7″ OAL
Over stocked, priced to sell

80BST-0701-00Boost Oxygen 10 liter


Clean, natural, odorless, tasteless, 95% pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen.

80BST-0601-00Boost Oxygen 5 liter


Clean, natural, odorless, tasteless, 95% pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen.

00OEM-0008-003M Dualock Hook/Loop Fastener 2.25 in.

3M Dual Lock Hook/Loop Fastener 2.25″
Used to secure EDS Units to Aircraft interior.
Sold each. For a pair order 2

00VEN-0062-00Tube Cutters SMC-TK3

Used for making clean cuts on your Poly or Vinyl tubing.
A must have for the home builder.

00VEN-0112-01PTFE Tape, Oxygen Use Approved

Aviation oxygen approved high density PTFE tape.

00VEN-0111-05Christo-Lube MCG 111 Tube -5g For Oxygen
Non-reactive lubricant safe for aviation oxygen equipment.
Great for use on O-Rings.



00VEN-0077-00Wipe Clean 4 Sure

Sanitize your face masks

Disinfectant-Sanitizer-Food contact sanitizer
The Byotrol product line offers a solution to most hygiene
problems for surfaces, buildings and personnel. It can be
used in an existing cleaning regimen to keep surfaces cleaner
longer while not causing a change in cleaning protocols.
Safe for hands and face, alcohol free. Used by airlines
Recommended for Face-Mask cleaning and disinfecting.

00GSE-1098-01Transfiller Accessory, Grip Knob Tube Wrench

A must have tool!
MH – Transfill Nut-Driver Wrench

36990-0USB-03Cable, USB to DC Plug 3.5mm
O2D2 external USB power cable
39399-1251-00Power Adapter, 12V/28V - 5.0V USB

Power Adapter 12/28V – 5V

39300-1250-01(New) External Power Supply, Dual USB Ports, with O2D2 cable.

External USB Power Supply With USB Cable Kit for O2D2.  Cable is 36″  (1M) cord.

00EDS-1077-00In-Line Reducing Regulator Replacement Supply Hose

EDS feed tube for ILR.

00EDS-1070-00XCP to EDS Supply Adapter

XCP to EDS feed tube for CPC-type connection.

00EDS-1070-01XCP to EDS Supply Adapter 84-inch

Replacement supply adapter tubing XCP (CPC) to EDS (4mm) (84-inch length) metal fitting and 84″ length.

00XCP-1030XCP Tubing Extension (Variable Lengths)

XCP Extension Available in 3, 4, 6, & 20 ft. Lengths.

00XCP-1048-00XCP-Y Split Kit

Split Kit 6mm (Y) CPC style connectors. Allows (2) EDS units to be installed to one XCP Type Regulator.
Female connectors have a one way check valve.
Tubing can be adjusted to length as needed.

60000-0012-0012 x12 Tote Bag

Handy 12″ X 12″ zippered fabric tote bag for storing cannulas, face masks, flowmeters or other small items.

00OEM-0010-00Roto-Flow Indicator Red

This device is intended to be placed in between the source of oxygen and the dispensing device to provide a visual indication resulting from a positive flow of oxygen to that dispensing device.

00OEM-0020-00TFI Toggle Flow Indicator

Toggle Flow Indicator: Green = Flow. Clear = No flow.

80000-0005-32IBIZ Plane and Car Wax, 32oz

Wax IBIZ 32oz
IBIZ® World Class Car and Plane Wax!

80000-0001-32Wax IBIZ Waterless Wash 32oz

Wax IBIZ Waterless Wash 32oz

00EDS-1076-00External EDS 9VDC Power Supply

Units operate up to 40 hours on a standard 9-volt alkaline battery. However, in applications where the EDS-D1 unit will be installed and used in a powered aircraft, using the aircraft’s electrical system becomes very desirable. The EDS-EPS, or simply EPS, is a precision voltage reducer, regulator and filtering device to operate up to four EDS-D1 or EDS-A1 units from an aircraft electrical system of 10 to 30 volts. The EPS will filter out surges, spikes and reversals caused by starter, flap, hydraulic motors and strobe lights. The EPS is a result of many of our “kit-building” customers’ requests. The internal battery is disconnected from the power circuit while the external power jack is plugged into the EDS-D1 unit(s). MADE IN THE USA.

This is for powering  the older 9vdc model EDS-A1 or the EDS-D1(a).  If you own an O2D2, see the O2D2 EPS External Power Supply.

00EDS-1070-03XCP to EDS Adapter

Adapter for the EDS.
This item allows the user to convert the XCP cannula fitting to adapt for use with our EDS units.
This can be used with the 00XCP-1092-00 EZ-Breathe cannula or the 00XCP-1040-00 standard cannula.
This is NOT to be used with ANY XCP conserving type cannula or facemask.