Acronyms and Abbreviations

Mountain High Product Acronyms and Other Abbreviations

ACR Altitude-compensating Regulator
AL Aluminum series cylinder prefix
BNC Bayonet connector
CAMI Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
CFF Composite Filament-Fiber
CFFC Composite Filament-Fiber Carbon
CG Center of Gravity
CIC Cylinder Intercoupler Kit
CMK Cylinder Mounting Kit
DIN Deutsch Industry Norm (Germany)
EDS Electronic Delivery System (Pulse-Demand™)
EDS-O2D1 Electronic Delivery System (Single-Place)
EDS-O2D2 Electronic Delivery System (Dual-Place)
EDS-EPS EDS-External Power Supply
EDS-STR EDS Stabilizer Regulator (Pneumatic)
EOS Emergency Oxygen System
GSE Ground Support Equipment
HPQD High Pressure Quick-Connect / Disconnect
IP Instrument Panel
KF Kevlar Fiber
MTBO Mean Time Between Overhaul
NRE Non-recurring Engineering
PCR Pneumatically-Controlled Regulator
PHODS Personal Helicopter Oxygen-Delivery System
RG Remote Gauge
RCV Remote-Controlled Valve
RCR Remote-Controlled Regulator
TA Transfiller Adapter (Trans-Adapter)
TR Transfiller
XCP Cross Country Pilot
XCR Cross Country Racer