Acronyms and Abbreviations

Mountain High Product Acronyms and Other Abbreviations

ACRAltitude Compensating Regulator
ALAluminum series cylinder prefix
BNCBayonet connector
CAMICivil Aerospace Medical Institute
CFFComposite Filament-Fiber
CFFCComposite Filament-Fiber Carbon
CGCenter of Gravity
CICCylinder Intercoupler Kit
CMKCylinder Mounting Kit
DINDeutsch Industry Norm (Germany)
EDSElectronic Delivery System (Pulse Demand™)
EDS-O2D1Electronic Delivery System (Single Place)
EDS-O2D2Electronic Delivery System (Dual Place)
EDS-EPSEDS-External Power Supply
EDS-STREDS Stabilizer Regulator (Pneumatic)
EOSEmergency Oxygen System
GSEGround Support Equipment
HPQDHigh Pressure Quick Connect / Disconnect
IPInstrument Panel
KFKevlar Fiber
MTBOMean Time Between Overhaul
NRENon-recurring Engineering
PCRPneumatically Controlled Regulator
PHODSPersonal Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System
RGRemote Gauge
RCVRemote Controlled Valve
RCRRemote Controlled Regulator
TATransfiller Adapter (Trans-Adapter)
XCPCross Country Pilot
XCRCross Country Racer