The MH-4 & MH-3 Flowmeters are featured in our constant flow oxygen systems. The MH-3 Flowmeter is calibrated for use with the Oxymizer® cannula for flight up to 18,000 ft. The MH-4 has two altitude/flow scales. The left (compressed) scale is calibrated for the Oxymizer® cannula and is limited to flight of 18,000 ft. and below. The right scale is calibrated for a standard cannula or facemask up to 25,000 ft. The MH-3 & MH-4 Flowmeters can be ordered with a connector and tubing to work with almost any type of built-in or portable aircraft oxygen system.


00XCP-1036XCP Flowmeter


00OEM-0020-00TFI Toggle Flow Indicator

Toggle Flow Indicator: Green = Flow. Clear = No flow.

00OEM-0010-00Roto-Flow Indicator Red

This device is intended to be placed in between the source of oxygen and the dispensing device to provide a visual indication resulting from a positive flow of oxygen to that dispensing device.