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New Products

MBU-20 for EDS Pulse-Demand™
NOW AVAILABLE,  Conversion for MBU-20 Facemask
Please call for pricing and details.


00CYL-0036-01Cylinder Neck Union/Mounting Extender (3/4-16 port)
Cylinder Neck Union/Extender (3/4 -16) Port
00CYL-0024-00Valve Radial Hex SAE-4 Port (3/4-16)
Hex Valve can be cylinder or bulk head mounted.
00HDW-0364-00Reducing Adapter for steel cylinders
Reducing Adapter, 1 in NGT x 3/4-16 UNF
00CPG-1026-00Gauge assembly, MH-300 S Medium Pressure (swivel)

MH-300S (1.3/8″) Swivel Gauge – with SAE (-4) 7/16-20 fitting, 0-3000psi

00GSE-1033-00Transfill Adapter, DIN 477-9 to AN800

DIN 477-9 (Euro) to AN800 oxygen Transfill Adapter. (TA-DIN-AN800)

00GSE-1035-00Transfill Adapter, -4 JIC (Male) to DIN 477-9 (Euro)

Transfill Adapter TA DIN 477-9N (Euro) to -4JIC-M