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New Products

80000-0005-32IBIZ Plane and Car Wax, 32oz

Wax IBIZ 32oz
IBIZ® World Class Car and Plane Wax!

00CYL-0024-00Valve Radial Hex SAE-4 Port (3/4-16)

Hex Valve

00CPG-1026-00Gauge assembly, MH-300 S Medium Pressure (swivel)

MH-300S (1.3/8″) Swivel Gauge – with SAE (-4) 7/16-20 fitting, 0-3000psi

36990-0USB-03Cable, USB to DC Plug 3.5mm

Cable USB To DC PLug 3.5mm 36″ long.

39399-1250-00Power adapter, 12V/28V - 5.0V USB

Power Adapter 12/28V – 5V

00VEN-0112-00Teflon Tape O2-Use Approved

Aviation oxygen approved high density Teflon tape.