MH oxygen regulators are constant-pressure regulators calibrated to deliver 15 -20 psig of pressure. Regulators are offered in CGA-540 (US standard) and DIN-477 (European standard).

XCR and XCP Single Outlet Regulators

The XCR and XCP series of regulators are single-outlet. These regulators feature one-touch fittings system for 4 mm. and 6 mm. polyurethane tubing. The standard issue with our XCR and EDS single-unit system packages is the 00REG-1032-00 Regulator. The axial outlet versions are available in CGA-540 & DIN-477 with built-in cylinder pressure gauges. The XCR regulators connect directly to the refill/service-port of our oxygen cylinder with a CGA-540 valve.

Four-port Regulators

For delivery to up to four passengers, this piston-type gauged oxygen regulator design is known for its ruggedness and flawless operation, even in an extreme environment. Calibrated operation is ensured in a wide range of inlet pressures, temperatures and shock-vibrations.

In-line Reducing Regulator

The EDS-ILR oxygen stabilizing regulator allows you to operate EDS O2D1 or EDS -O2D2 units from an oxygen source with high service pressure, such as an aircraft with a built-in oxygen system. The EDS-ILR Regulator can be ordered with the most common OEM type connectors for direct ‘Plug-n-Fly’ with your aircraft type. (See below) Call for us for OEM options.


00REG-1033XCR Regulator (CGA 540)

XCR-1P Axial Regulator, With or  Without Gauge

00REG-1004-00XCP-1P Regulator

XCP-1P 1 place regulator Now smaller, lighter and more compact than ever!

00REG-1016-00XCP-4P Regulator CGA-540

FPR-REG-CGA540-with gauge

00REG-1018-00XCP-4P Regulator CGA-540 (No Gauge)

FPR-REG-CGA540-no gauge

00REG-1034XCR Regulator (DIN-477)

XCR-DIN-1P Axial  No/Gauge or XCR-DIN-1P Axial W/Gauge (NEW EURO).

00REG-1048EDS Reducing Regulator

EDS Reducing Regulator with your choice of Scott, 750, 566, or CPC connector.

00REG-1024-04XCP-4P Regulator DIN-477

XCP-FPR-G-DIN477 4-place gauged regulator
with New Euro (SWISS) inlet.

00REG-1090-01Regulator HP/HF CGA-540

High pressure and high flow oxygen regulator with CGA-540 connection.

00REG-1054-00EOS-6 Radial Quick Connect

EOS-6 Radial 6mm Quick Connect Regulator.

00NTG-1012-00NTG Co-Pilot Regulator W/Gauge

Co-Pilot replacement regulator with gauge