Cannulas: E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula II™

The E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula II™ has been tested for best use with all of our EDS and XCP products.

Mountain High has redesigned their Boom Cannula system to make it even better. The redesigned E-Z Breathe nylon boom arm affixes to your headset (either left or right side) with a ball mount and adhesive pad. It can swivel about and slides in and out for best fit. The new improved arm incorporates an adjustable friction lock to eliminate slippage. The cannula assembly is easily replaceable, as is the aluminum mount ball. The arm can be easily removed from the headset when not in use. An optional Quick disconnect for the feed tube is also available

The E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula II boom cannula kit from Mountain High has all the items needed to install onto almost any headset in use today.

E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula

00XCP-1092-00E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula for XCP (Flowmeter)

E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula for MH and most Constant Flow systems

00EDS-1092-00Cannula, E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula for EDS-Pulse Demand (One Touch) connector.

E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula for EDS Pulse-Demand systems

00EDS-1092-01Cannula, E-Z Breathe-II IP

E-Z Breathe cannula for ip systems

19053-0009-00E-Z Breathe QD, CPC Twist Lock

E-Z Breathe Quick Disconnect.
This connector allows the disconnect of the feed tube while leaving the Boom arm in place on the headset.

00VEN-0074-01E-Z Breathe-II Replacement Cannula, assembly

E-Z Breathe Replacement Cannula.

00VEN-0073-02Adhesive Dot, 3/4", 2 pack

Adhesive Dot to attach E-Z-Breathe ball to Headset.

00VEN-0072-01E-Z Breathe, Adapter-Post Universal

E-Z Breathe Adapter-Post.

00VEN-0071-00E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula

E-Z Breathe-II Cannula Boom.

09054-0803-09E-Z Breathe Spacer

Replacement E-Z Breathe spacer

09052-0802-04E-Z Breathe Replacement Nut

E-Z Breathe Replacement Nut.

09120-0812-05Thumbscrew, #8-32 x 3/4, 7/16 Knurled w/shoulder, Brass$2.50
09001-3006-70O-RING 2-006 E70

Replacement O-Ring for EZ-Breathe Quick Disconnect.

00EDS-1070-03XCP to EDS Adapter$8.00