Built-in: Constant Flow

Constant-flow oxygen products and accessories intended for built-in applications.

The (PCR) Pneumatic Controlled Regulator Built-in system gives the home builder a cost effective way to provide his aircraft with a built-in system.

The BNC Oxygen connectors to work with almost any type of built-in aircraft oxygen systems.

Constant Flow

00BNC-1040BNC Adapter

Oxygen connectors for certified aircraft

00BNC-10XX-XXFlowmeters for Built-in Systems

Flowmeters for Built-in systems with tubing and connectors.

00BNC-1000Breathing Stations for Built-in Systems$149.00$160.00
AMSK-2000ALPS Facemasks with or without Microphone

Available in small, medium and large, with or with out microphone and choice of feed-tube.

AMSK0-0101Feedtube Assembly for ALPS, Emergency (EOS) Masks
Feedtubes to use ALPS for Emergency
KPCR0-1003-00PCR Regulator System No Breathing Stations

(for pressurized or non-pressurized aircraft)
The PCR system without Breathing Stations.

KPCR0-1004-00PCR Regulator System w/Breathing Stations

(for pressurized or non-pressurized aircraft)
The complete PCR system with Breathing Stations.

00EOS-0008-04EOS-011 4-Place Emergency System w/Mounting Kit

4-place (with aircraft cylinder mounting kit) system with KF-011 (11 cu. ft.) Kevlar Composite Cylinder, EOS-1054 regulator,4 ea. EOS face masks, Cylinder mounting brackets and all hardware needed for a built-in EOS system. Great for use in Experimental Pressurized Aircraft.

0MH34-0101-00Flowmeters MH-3 and MH-4

MH-3 or MH-4 Flowmeter. Without Tubing or clamps.

00BNC-1020BNC-ACR Connector Face Mask / Cannula$90.00$160.00
00BLT-1004-01A34 Feed Tube W/XCP Oxymizer

A34 Feed Tube With XCP Oxymizer Cannula.

00BLT-1006-01A34 Feed Tube W/XCP Face Mask

A34 Feed Tube With XCP Face Mask

00BLT-1000-00A34-2ip (2 1/4)

This popular unit for soaring aircraft includes just the cabin altitude gauge and adjuster regulator.