Built-in: Constant Flow

Constant-flow oxygen products and accessories intended for built-in applications.

The (PCR) Pneumatic Controlled Regulator Built-in system gives the home builder a cost effective way to provide his aircraft with a built-in system.

The BNC Oxygen connectors to work with almost any type of built-in aircraft oxygen systems.

Constant Flow

00BNC-1040BNC Adapter

Oxygen connectors for certified aircraft

00BNC-10XX-XXFlowmeters for Built-in Systems

Flowmeters for Built-in systems with tubing and connectors.

00BNC-1000Breathing Stations for Built-in Systems

Everything you need to connect and breathe from an existing, built in oxygen system.
The kit contains, Flowmeter of choice, conserving Oxymizer™ Cannula, Facemask and carry Bag.

Fits most Cessna singles prior to 1980
Fits most Cessna Twins prior to 1970.

Fits most Cessna singles 1980 and later.
Fits most Cessna Twins 1970 and later.
Fits most Diamond Aircraft.

Fits most Beachcraft, Mooney, Piper, and others.

CPC style
Fits Cirrus, Columbia, Corvalis and many other newer models.

Please check your fitting before ordering.

Designed for OEM Built-In systems, the MH-3  (green) Flowmeter is calibrated for use with the Oxymizer™ cannula for flight up to 18,000 ft. The MH-4 (red) has two altitude flow scales. The left (compressed) scale is calibrated for the Oxymizer™ cannula and is limited to flight of 18,000 ft.and below. The right scale is calibrated for a standard cannula or facemask up to 30,000 ft.

These Flowmeters come with 1 meter of Poly Tubing (Tygon® type) and Brass plated metal fittings. They are used where higher system outlet pressures are encountered, such as aircraft with built in systems.

AMSK-2000ALPS Facemasks with or without Microphone

Available in small, medium and large, with or with out microphone and choice of feed-tube.

AMSK0-0101Feedtube Assembly for ALPS, Emergency (EOS) Masks
Feedtubes to use ALPS for Emergency
KPCR0-1003-00PCR Regulator System No Breathing Stations

(for pressurized or non-pressurized aircraft)
The PCR system without Breathing Stations.

KPCR0-1004-00PCR Regulator System w/Breathing Stations

(for pressurized or non-pressurized aircraft)
The complete PCR system with Breathing Stations.

00EOS-0008-04EOS-011 4-Place Emergency System w/Mounting Kit

4-place (with aircraft cylinder mounting kit) system with KF-011 (11 cu. ft.) Kevlar Composite Cylinder, EOS-1054 regulator,4 ea. EOS face masks, Cylinder mounting brackets and all hardware needed for a built-in EOS system. Great for use in Experimental Pressurized Aircraft.

0MH34-0101-00Flowmeters MH-3 and MH-4

MH-3 or MH-4 Flowmeter. Without Tubing or clamps.

00BNC-1020BNC-ACR Connector Face Mask / Cannula

Altitude Compensating Regulator (ACR).
These Face-Masks and cannulas are designed as replacements for Aircraft with ACR type systems.

The Oximizer cannula is good to FL-180 and incorporates a toggle type flow indicator.
The fasemask is good to FL-300 and incorporates a roto type flow indicator.

Inlet fittings are available to fit your aircraft’s oxygen outlet.
The facemasks can also be used as a backup in pressurized aircraft and designed to flow
~ 3 liters/min at 20 psi.

For delux facemasks check out our ALPS series with feed tubes to meet your needs.

Having trouble? Give us a call.


00BLT-1004-01A34 Feed Tube W/XCP Oxymizer

A34 Feed Tube With XCP Oxymizer Cannula.

00BLT-1006-01A34 Feed Tube W/XCP Face Mask

A34 Feed Tube With XCP Face Mask

00BLT-1000-00A34-2ip (2 1/4)

This popular unit for soaring aircraft includes just the cabin altitude gauge and adjuster regulator.