Transfill Adapters, Tank to Tank

Adapters for filling your cylinder from another cylinder.

Transfill Adapters, Tank to Tank

00GSE-1033-00Transfill Adapter, DIN 477-9 to AN800

DIN 477-9 (Euro) to AN800 oxygen Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1006-00Transfill Adapter, 540-540-Ga/Gender Switch

CGA-540 to CGA-540 Gender Switch

00GSE-1024-00Transfill Adapter, 870-Y to CGA-540-S

870-Y Medical to CGA-540 Socket Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1025-00Transfill Adapter, CGA-870-P to CGA-540

870-P Medical to CGA-540 Nipple Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1029-01Transfill Adapter, CGA-540 to AN-800

CGA540 Nipple to AN800 (3/8-24) Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1032-00Transfill Adapter, CGA-540 to 9/16-18 M Scott, w/cap

CGA-540 Nipple to 9/16-18 Scott-Male Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1044-00Transfill Adapter, CGA-540 to BS-341-3

CGA-540 to BS-341-3 Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1045-00Transfill Adapter, -4 JIC (Male) to CGA-870

Medical Style -4 JIC Male to CGA-870 Yoke Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1046-00Transfill Adapter, -4 JIC (Male) to CGA-540

CGA-540 to JIC-4 Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1022-00Transfill Adapter, DIN 477-9 (Euro) to CGA-540

DIN 477-9 (Euro) Socket to CGA-540 Grip Knob Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1023-00Transfill Adapter, CGA-540 to DIN 477-9 (Euro)

CGA-540 to DIN 477-9 (Euro) Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1027-00Transfill Adapter, DIN 477-9 (Euro) to CGA-540

CGA-540 Socket Male to DIN 477-9 (Euro) Nut-Nipple Transfill Adapter.

00GSE-1028-00Transfill Adapter, DIN 477-9 (Euro) to DIN 477-9 (Euro)

DIN 477-9 (Euro) Nipple to DIN 477-9 (Euro) Socket Male Transfill Adapter.