Questions About Oxygen

What Every Pilot Should Know about Oxygen

What can you tell me about cylinder hydro testing?

Does Your Pulse Oximeter Mean What It Says?

Are medical and welder’s oxygen different than aviation oxygen?

How is oxygen saturation in the body affected when altitude increases?

In simple terms, what happens during rapid decompression?

What is hypoxia and what can happen with prolonged hypoxia?

Questions About Products

What is the difference between standard and flare-tip cannulas?

Why Is My EDS Alarm Going Off?

I would like to replace my old steel oxygen cylinder in my type-certified aircraft with a new light-weight kevlar bottle. Can this be done?

Why Does an EDS Cost as Much as an iPhone?

If my oxygen system has more than one oxygen cylinder and they share a common manifold what will the pressure read? Why does the pressure drop a little sometime after the fill?

What type of fitting do I need to fill my built-in oxygen system?

I fly cross country a lot just below class ‘A’ airspace with my EDS and recently got a portable pulse oxymeter. I’ve noticed that my saturation rate frequently falls below 90% at altitudes around 16K to 18K ft. However, if I breathe a few times deeper the saturation goes well over 90%. I had my system tested and it checked out okay. What is going on?