Here you will find Pressure Regulator accessories and replacement parts. If you do not see what you are looking for please give us a call.

Parts and Accessories, Regulator

00XCR-1044-00XCR-Y Split Kit

Split kit 4mm (Y). Allows (2) EDS units to be installed to one XCR-type regulator.
One-way check valves are incorporated into the (Y) fitting.

19600-0002-00Poly Tube, 4mm, Red, 95 Dur (Ft.)

4mm OD, red poly tubing as used in all O2D1 and O2D2 applications.

00CPG-1010-00Gauge MH-300 Medium Pressure

MH-300 1.5″ gauge w/1/8″ NPT(M) fitting, 0-3000psi.

00CPG-0028-00Protective Boot for MH-300 Gauge

Protective gauge boot.

00CPG-1011-00MH-400 High Pressure Gauge

MH-400 1.25″ high-pressure cylinder gauge.

00EDS-1077-00In-Line Reducing Regulator Replacement Supply Hose

EDS feed tube for ILR.

00EDS-1070-00XCP to EDS Supply Adapter

XCP to EDS feed tube for CPC-type connection.

00XCP-1030XCP Tubing Extension (Variable Lengths)

XCP extension available in 3-, 4-, 6-, & 20-ft. lengths.

00XCP-1048-00XCP-Y Split Kit

Split kit 6mm (Y) CPC-style connectors. Allows (2) EDS units to be installed to one XCP-type regulator.
Female connectors have a one-way check valve.
Tubing can be adjusted to length as needed.

00CPC-0016-00Fitting 1/8 NPT-M w/CV (plastic)

CPC 1/8″ NPT-male connector with check valve.

19056-0403-00Fitting, One-Touch 4mm x 1/8 BSPP, 180º, One-Touch

One-touch 4mm x 1/8″ BSPP 180º fitting.

19056-0603-006mm x 1/8 BSPP, 180º, One-Touch

One-touch 6mm x 1/8″ BSPP.

19056-0404-00Fitting, One-Touch 4mm x 1/8 BSPP, 90º, One-Touch

One-touch 4mm x 1/8″ BSPP 90º fitting.

19056-0604-00Fitting, 6mm x 1/8 BSPP 90º, One-Touch

Fitting, 6mm x 1/8 BSPP 90º, one-touch.

19051-0604-00Fitting 1/8 BSPP(M) to 6mm Poly Tube

Fitting  1/8″ BSPP(M)-6mm poly tube.

09001-0011-90O-Ring 2-011 V90

Replacement O-ring for all CGA-540 regulator & trans-fill.
Fits CGA-540 nipple.

09001-3113-70O-Ring 2-113 E70 (DIN)

Replacement O-ring for all DIN-477#9 regulators & transfill.
Fits DIN 477-9 nipple.

00NTG-1012-00NTG Copilot Regulator w/Gauge

Copilot replacement regulator with gauge.