Built-in: Gauges

Pneumatic and lighted, electric instrument-panel cylinder pressure gauges and for built-in applications.


00CPG-1014-00Electric Pressure Gauge, 1.25 (601A)

1.25″ electric pressure gauge without transducer.

00CPG-1012-00Electric Pressure Gauge, 2.25 (600A)

2.25″ electric pressure gauge without transducer.

00CPG-1006-00Kit, RG-200 IP Gauge, 1/8 Tube

RG-200 kit -1.5″ gauge w/1/8 tube fitting, 0-2200psi
Reduced close-out price $95.00, was $195.00, while supplies last.

00CPG-1005-00Kit, Pressure Transducer, 0-3k psi w/Connector

EPSU-600 transducer (sending unit) kit only.

00CPG-0030-00Gauge MH-300 w/Bezel 1/8 Comp Brass

MH-300 bezel kit (includes gauge).

00BLT-1074-00Kit, 2.25 (EPG600) Gauge w/Transducer

EPG-600A (2.25″) gauge and transducer.

00BLT-1072-00Kit, 1.25 (EPG601) Gauge w/Transducer

EPG-601A (1.25″) gauge and transducer.

00BLT-1000-00A34-2ip (2 1/4)

This popular unit for soaring aircraft includes just the cabin altitude gauge and adjuster regulator.