With our MH line of GSE Oxygen-Fitting Adapters and MH Transfilling-Adapters you will have the confidence to connect, service and refill almost any type of oxygen cylinder for aviation. Our MH Oxygen transfilling adapters allow you to interconnect between CGA-540, (North American Industrial Standard), CGA-870 (medical), and DIN-477-9 (the European Union [EU] standard). Custom adapters can be made-to-order, call 800-468-8185 for details.


00GSE-1008TR-55 Transfiller

TR-55 Oxygen Transfiller

00GSE-1100TR-75c Aviation Oxygen Cylinder Transfiller

TR75c Oxygen Transfiller

00GSE-1104TR-95c Oxygen Cylinder Transfiller System

TR95c Oxygen Transfiller

00GSE-1108TR-105c Dual Gauge Oxygen Transfiller

TR-105c  4 ft. Oxygen Transfiller

00GSE-1014-00TR-875 Transfiller, CGA870 Yoke - CGA540 Nipple

TR-875-Transfiller(1.5ft)-CGA870 Yoke-CGA540

00GSE-1050-00FBO OXYGEN GSE Kit, without hose

FBO Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Kit without hose

00GSE-1050-08FBO OXYGEN GSE KIT, w/8 ft hose for professional operations

FBO Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Kit w/8ft hose

00GSE-1020-00CIC-540 Cylinder Intercoupling Kit for CGA-540 cylinders

CGA-540 cylinder intercoupling kit

00GSE-1047-00Non-Venting Transfill Regulator with Gauges and Valve

Regulator Assy with Gauges and Valve only (00GSE-1047-00) (No hose or adapters)