Oxygen Cylinders

Aluminum Cylinders

The least expensive option for carrying oxygen, these seamless aluminum cylinders are DOT 3AL rated and compliant with Transport Canada.
They have a 3/4-16 (SAE-8) service port.

Carbon Fiber Filament Cylinders

Strong and lightweight, our CFFC cylinders have an aluminum core with carbon filament fiber wrap and are DOT rated with a 3/4-16 (SAE-8) service port.

Kevlar Cylinders

The KF series (Kevlar® fiber wrapped) cylinders have been specifically designed for aviation applications. They are the lightest and strongest currently available that meet or exceed DOT, SAE and FAA specifications and manufactured and tested in accordance with DOT standards.

Carbon Fiber Cylinders

Strong and lightweight, our CFF cylinders have an aluminum core with silica (glass) fiber wrap and are DOT-E 7277-3000 rated.


00CYL-1000Aluminum Cylinders

A line-up of light-weight Aluminum Cylinders for aviation use.

00CYL-3000Kevlar Cylinders

A line-up of Kevlar Fiber cylinders (the lightest technology) for aviation use.

00CYL-4000Carbon Fiber Filament Composite Cylinders

A line-up of our Carbon Fiber cylinders for your aviation use.

00CYL-2000Carbon Fiber Filament Cylinders

Carbon fiber glass cylinder