Oxygen Cylinder Carry Cases

Sturdy cases for conveniently carrying and mounting oxygen cylinders.

Carry Cases

00FAB-0000Full-Pack (FP) Padded Cylinder Carry Bag

The Mountain High Full-Pack (FP) carry cases are made of a padded GorTex fabric with “D” rings strategically placed so the harness can be securely mounted to a seat-back or any other suitable surface where it can be accessed while in flight. A wide variety of sizes available.

00FAB-0014-022 Pack Full-Pack for AL-647 Cylinders
This is a special build to order item.
Expect 10 to 12 weeks to manufacture.
00FAB-0017-022-Pack Cylinder Full Pack for CFFC-048 Cylinder$189.00
00FAB-0020-00Holster Pack For AL-113$30.00
00FAB-0022-00Holster Pack For AL-180$32.00
00FAB-0042-00Tuff Pack For KF-077 Kevlar Cylinder$99.00