Alps Face Mask

The high quality MH Alps Facemask is designed and manufactured by Mountain High Equipment & Supply in Redmond, Oregon. It has been designed and tested to operate with the MH EDS Pulse-Demand™ Systems, the MH-3 and MH-4 Constant-Flow systems and most other oxygen systems. The majority of ambient air is admitted passively through a bypass port. Oxygen admission from the EDS or constant flowmeters is admitted through the left or right port. The ALPS is easily donned and exceptionally comfortable with no polyvinyl bag to deal with. The MH ALPS Facemasks are available in small, medium and large, with or without Microphone.

Comes with Tote-Bag, Feed Tube and Manual. Cleaning Kits are available.

The Microphone model also includes a 5ft cable with PJ-068 jack.

Adapters for Bose (Lemo) connections are also available. (see accessories)

Alps Face Mask

AMSK-2000ALPS Facemasks with or without Microphone

Available in small, medium and large, with or with out microphone and choice of feed-tube.

AMSK0-0100All Feedtubes for ALPS Masks
Choose your connection EDS, IP, or Constant Flow.
0MSKB-0002-J Bracket w/Straps and Harness for ALPS

Convert your Mountain High Facemask to helmet use.

AMSK0-0101Feedtube Assembly for ALPS, Emergency (EOS) Masks
Feedtubes to use ALPS for Emergency
AMSK0-0106-00ALPS Mic Mask/Bose Adapter Assembly

Alps Mic. Mask/Bose Adapter Assembly

00VEN-0077-00Wipe Clean 4 Sure

Sanitize your face masks

Disinfectant-Sanitizer-Food contact sanitizer
The Byotrol product line offers a solution to most hygiene
problems for surfaces, buildings and personnel. It can be
used in an existing cleaning regimen to keep surfaces cleaner
longer while not causing a change in cleaning protocols.
Safe for hands and face, alcohol free. Used by airlines
Recommended for Face-Mask cleaning and disinfecting.

0MSKB-0001-00Blue Facemask SUP Cradle Headband Kit

Headband kit for use with the ALPS Facemask