Built-in: Manifolds

Low Pressure Manifolds and Outlet Systems

Our oxygen outlet manifolds will help you customize your oxygen system installation for an ideal ergonomic interface. All have 1/8 NPT (F) ports. If there is something you need but don’t see… call us, we probably have it.

High Pressure SAE Manifolds & Tees

Our SAE plumbing fittings allow you the greatest flexibility and ease of installation with high pressure tubing systems.

Call for help with any configuration.
We have lots of suggestions.


00MAN-0001-01LPO-1 Raw Manifold

Low-pressure single-outlet port (1) raw.

00MAN-0001-02LPO-1-CPC Low Pressure

Low-pressure single-outlet port CPC (1).
Includes (1) CPC fitting w/ CV.

00MAN-0002-01LPO-2 Raw Manifold Low Pres.

Low-pressure dual-outlet port (2) raw 1/8″ NPTF.

00MAN-0002-02LPO-2 CPC Low Pressure

Low-pressure dual-outlet port CPC (2).
Includes (2) CPC fittings w/ CV.

00MAN-0004-01LPO-4 Raw Manifold Low Pres.

Low-pressure quad-outlet port (4) raw 1/8″ NPTF.

00MAN-0004-02LPO-4-CPC Low Pressure

Low-pressure quad-outlet port CPC (4).
Includes (4) CPC fittings w/ CV.

00MAN-0010-00High-Press. Alum. SAE-4 x -4 x -2 Tee

High-pressure 4X4X2 SAE tee.

00MAN-0012-00High-Pressure Alum. SAE-4 x -4 x -4 Tee

High-pressure 4X4X4 SAE tee.

00MAN-0022-00LPM-75 CFF-480 Manifold

LPM – fits all CFF-type cylinders (3/4-16) #48 burst plug.

00MAN-0024-00LPM-75-AL, CFFC High-Pressure Manifold

LPM – fits all alum.-type cylinders (3/4-16) #32 burst plug.

00MAN-0026-00LPM-75-KF High-Pressure Manifold

LPM – Fits all KF-type cylinders (3/4-16) #28 burst plug.