Aithre is excited to announce that Mountain High Oxygen Systems of Redmond, Oregon will be selling Aithre’s new line of ultra-portable oxygen bottles. Mountain High will be offering the Aithre 1.9 lb and 2.5″ x 11.5″ 47L bottle with a single place Mountain High Regulator with their unique CPC fitting. This will enable use of the Aithre bottle with any Mountain High cannula, flow meter, and the popular O2D2 pulse demand system.

If you are a Mountain High customer, take a look at complementing your current oxygen tank with a flight bag sized carbon fiber composite Aithre bottle. Use your current cannulas or pulse demand system with this small refillable option to fill in the gaps, such as at mid altitude and refreshing after a climb over terrain or weather.

The Aithre 47L bottle provides 2.1 hours of constant flow at a preset 0.5LPM flow rate. However, with the Mountain High regulator upgrade option, you can extend this duration and get more out of the Aithre bottle, while taking advantage of its ultra-compact size and light weight.

The Aithre bottle provides a convenient and economical alternative to current disposable oxygen canisters. Use it and refill it on your own using the Mountain High transfixing hose customized for the Aithre bottles and offered at a very low price. Use your existing DOT tank to fill at FBOs and then transfill to your Aithre bottle multiple times for cents per L.

Contact Aithre or Mountain High to learn more about this exciting new pairing of Aithre bottles with Mountain High regulators


00CYL-1047-00AITHRE 47L Composite Cylinder

AITHRE® 47L Composite Cylinder without Valve.


Aithre Altus Meso Portable Oxygen Tank Pressure Monitor – With iOS App – Black
Includes Battery and ‘T’ fitting.

00VEN-0200-02AITHRE MESO For Experimental
Ship Powered Altus Meso Oxygen Tank Pressure Monitor

‘T’ Fitting is now optional.


00GSE-1099-02AITHRE Transfiller Hose (2ft) CGA-540

Transfill hose (AITHRE) CGA-540 to 3/8-24 (AN800)

00GSE-1097-02AITHRE Transfiller Hose (2ft) DIN

Transfill hose (AITHRE) DIN 477-9 to 3/8-24 (AN800)

00CYL-0015-02.MH Cylinder Valve for AITHRE Cylinder

For use with Mountain High Pressure Regulator.

00REG-1004-01XCP-1P Regulator

XCP-1P 1 place regulator Now smaller, lighter and more compact than ever!

00XCP-1048-00XCP-Y Split Kit

Split Kit 6mm (Y) CPC style connectors. Allows (2) EDS units to be installed to one XCP Type Regulator.
Female connectors have a one way check valve.
Tubing can be adjusted to length as needed.

00HDW-0342-00Tee Run 1/8 NPT, Brass

Brass Street Tee 1/8″ NPT