XCP Systems & Products for General Aviation

00XCP-1070XCP Breathing Stations$125.00
00XCP-1044-00XCP Mustache-Style Oxymizer Cannula
For use with our XCP constant flow systems with the MH-3 flowmeter.
Not for use with EDS systems. Use for XCP constant flow only!
00XCP-1046-00XCP Pendant-Style Oxymizer Cannula

Pendant-Style Oxymizer Cannula conects directly to the outlet of our MH-3 or MH-4 flowmeters.

00XCP-1092-00E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula for XCP (Flowmeter type)

E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula for MH and most Constant Flow systems.
For use with Flow-meters.

00XCP-1040-01XCP Standard Aviators Cannula
XCP Standard Aviators Cannula for use with the MH-4 Flowmeters.
AMSK-2000ALPS Facemasks with or without Microphone

Available in small, medium and large, with or with out microphone and choice of feed-tube.

00XCP-1050-01Face Mask MH-XCP

Constant flow face mask to be used with a MH-4 flowmeter.

00XCP-1030XCP Tubing Extension (Variable Lengths)

XCP Extension Available in 3, 4, 6, & 20 ft. Lengths.

00XCP-1048-00XCP-Y Split Kit$49.00