Oxygen Cylinder Valves

Valves for opening and closing the flow of your oxygen cylinder.

Cylinder Valves

00CYL-0014CGA-540 Valve

Standard North American CGA-540 valve heads.

00CYL-0020DIN-477 Valve

DIN-477 cylinder valve

00CYL-0022-00Valve 1/8 NPTF Port (3/4-16)

Inline Isolation valve can be cylinder or bulk head mounted.
Burst plug (PRD) and outlet fitting not included.  Call for configuration details.

00CYL-0036-01Cylinder Neck Union/Extender Port (3/4-16)

Cylinder Neck Union/Extender (3/4 -16) Port

00CYL-0024-00Valve Radial Hex SAE-4 Port (3/4-16)

Hex Valve can be cylinder or bulk head mounted.