Hardware:  One-Touch Low Pressure Fittings. AKA (Push-to-Connect)

This type of fitting may be called by several names depending on the manufacture. The common feature is that the tubing can be removed from the fitting by pushing on a releasing collar for disconnections and connections and are widely used because of this. With this type of fitting, the tubing is held in place by flexible toothed collet, that bites into the outside of the tubing. The collet teeth are moved away from the outside diameter of the tubing when the releasing collar is depressed. This allows the tubing to then be removed. An inside seal is used to seal the tubing when installed. These type of fittings are typically used with higher durometer tubing such as our polyurethane tubing. These One-Touch fittings are used for low pressure applications and are available from Mountain High in our standard 4mm and 6mm sizes. 8mm is also available on special request.

Specifications PISCO pdf

Pisco Test
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One-Touch (Push-to-Connect)

19056-0400-00Union 4mm, one-touch

Union 4×4, one-touch

19056-0600-00Union 6mm, one-touch

Union 6mm 180*, one-touch

00HDW-1314-00Union 6mm / 4mm, one-touch

Tube Fitting 6mm to 4mm Union.

00HDW-1312-008mm to 6mm Reducing Union, one touch

8mm to 6mm Reducing Union, one touch

19056-0300-00Fitting union mini 1/8 in., one-touch

Fitting union mini 1/8″, one-touch

00HDW-1378-00TRANS. Union Kit/Coupling Kit, one-touch

6mm to 4mm Union w/Barb Coupling Assy.

00HDW-1330-00Tee 4x4x4mm

Tube Fitting 4x4x4mm (T).

00HDW-1328-00Tee 6x6x6mm, one-touch

Tube Fitting 6x6x6mm (T).

00HDW-1326-00Tee 8x8x8mm, one touch

Tee 8x8x8mm, one touch

00HDW-1338-00Union 4x4x4mm Y, one-touch

Tube Fitting 4x4x4mm (Y).

00HDW-1338-014X4X4mm W/CV Y-Union, one-touch

Tube Fitting 4x4x4mm (Y) w/Check Valve.

00HDW-1336-00Union 6x6x6mm Y, one-touch

Tube Fitting 6x6x6mm (Y).

00HDW-1332-00Union 6X4X4 Y, one-touch

Union 6X4X4 Y, one-touch

00HDW-1334-00Union 8x8x8mm Y, one touch

Union 8x8x8mm Y, one touch

00HDW-0402-00Kit T and Y Union 4mm, one-touch

Tube Fitting 4mm (T&Y) Kit.

00HDW-0400-00Kit T and Y Union 6mm, one-touch

Tube Fitting 6mm (T&Y) Kit. One-Touch

00HDW-1320-00Elbow 6x6mm 90°, one-touch

Tube Fitting 6mm Elbow.

00HDW-1322-00Elbow 4x4mm 90°, one-touch

Tube Fitting 4mm Elbow.

19056-0406-00Fitting, 4mm, 90º, one-touch

Fitting, 4mm, 90º, one-touch

19056-0606-00Fitting, 6mm, 90º, one-touch

Fitting, 6mm, 90º, one-touch

19056-0494-00Valve 4mm Ball Union Straight, one-touch

Valve 4mm Ball Union Straight, one-touch

19056-0694-00Valve 6mm Ball Union Straight, one-touch

Tube Fitting 6mm Valve.

19056-0402-00Fitting one touch 4mm x 6-1.0mm

Fitting one touch 4mm tube x 6-1.0mm thread

19056-0602-00Fitting one touch 6mm x 6-1.0mm

Fitting one touch 6mm tube x 6-1.0mm thread

00HDW-1352-011/8 NPT-M To 4mm/CV, one-touch

Tube Fitting 1/8″ NPT-M to 4mm w/Check Valve.

00HDW-1352-001/8 NPT-M To 4mm Union, one-touch

Tube Union 1/8″ NPT-M to 4mm poly Fitting.

00HDW-1350-001/8 NPT-M To 6mm Union, one-touch

Tube Union 1/8″ NPT-M to 6mm poly Fitting.

19056-0808-00Fitting 8mm x 1/8 inch NPT-M, one-touch

Fitting 8mm x 1/8″ NPT-M, one-touch

00HDW-1354-00Elbow 4mm Swivel 1/8 NPT-M, 90º one-touch

Tube Fitting 4mm Swivel 1/8″ NPT-M Elbow.

00HDW-1353-00Elbow 6mm Swivel 1/8 NPT-M, 90º one-touch

Tube Fitting 6mm Swivel 1/8″ NPT-M Elbow.

19056-0403-00Fitting one touch 4mm x 1/8 BSPP, 180º, one-touch

One-Touch 4mm x 1/8″ BSPP 180′ Fitting.

19056-0603-006mm x 1/8 BSPP, 180º, one-touch

One-Touch 6mm x 1/8″ BSPP.

19056-0803-00Fitting one touch 8mm x 1/8 BSPP

Fitting one touch 8mm x 1/8 BSPP

19056-0404-00Fitting one touch 4mm x 1/8 BSPP, 90º, one-touch

One-Touch 4mm x 1/8″ PSPP 90º Fitting.

19056-0604-00Fitting 6mm x 1/8 BSPP 90º, one-touch

Fitting 6mm x 1/8 BSPP 90º, one-touch

19056-0305-00Fitting, one-touch 1/8 inch bulkhead union, one-touch

One-Touch Bulkhead Tube Union 1/8″.

00HDW-1346-004mm Bulkhead Union, one-touch

Tube Union 4mm Bulkhead Fitting.

00HDW-1344-02Bulkhead union 6mm mini, one-touch

Bulkhead union 6mm mini, one-touch

19056-0605-N5Union 6mm bulkhead one-touch

One-Touch 6mm-mini Bulkhead Fitting (metal).