High Pressure Relief Devices (HPRD)

An HPRD is a safety device incorporated into an oxygen system, typically in a valve body or other device installed into the
cylinder. It is designed to activate in the event of an over-pressure condition which might arise by either over-filling (i.e., filling
the cylinder to a pressure in excess of it’s pressure rating), or by being subjected to excessive temperature which would
consequently cause an increase in the pressure in the cylinder.

5SVEN 010 000 Rev 1 [00VEN 0010 00] (Drawing, HPRDs (SCD)
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Pressure Relief Devices (HPRD)

00VEN-0001HPRD Type CG-1 Pressure Relief Device
CG-1 Type High Pressure Relief Device
00VEN-0000HPRD Type CG-4 Pressure Relief Device
HPRD Type CG-4 Pressure Relief Device