EZ Breathe Nasal Tip Replacement Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions on how to replace the nasal tip of your EZ Breathe cannula.

EZ Breathe Tutorial

Learn to put together an EZ Breathe cannula and successfully connect it to your headset.

EDS Operating Modes

Understand the different operating modes of the EDS system, when you should use them and why.

Setting Up the EDS O2D1

Get step-by-step instructions and visuals for how to set up an EDS O2D1 system.

When to Refill Your Oxygen Cylinder

Ever wonder when you should refill the oxygen tank? Let us explain when you should refill and why.

Installing Batteries in an EDS O2D1

A quick walkthrough of getting the battery door open and making sure batteries are installed properly.

Setting Up an EDS O2D2 System

Instructions on how to set up your EDS O2D2 system.

Mounting and Removing an Oxygen Regulator

The process and procedure for safely mounting and removing a regulator from an oxygen cylinder.

How to Properly Put on a Cannula

Do you don your cannula the right way? This tutorial helps make wearing a cannula safer and more comfortable.
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How to Connect Your EDS: Using Tubing Fittings

If you've ever struggled while trying to plug tubing into a red or blue fitting, we're here to help.