High Pressure SAE Manifolds & Tees

With our assortment of SAE high pressure manifolds you will have the resources to assemble almost ant type of system configuration.
With the SAE straight thread and O-ring system, you will have the ability to cascade cylinders, systems and apparatus with ease and without worry of leakage.

High Pressure Manifolds

00MAN-0010-004X4X2 SAE Tee High Press. Alum

High Pressure 4X4X2 SAE Tee.

00MAN-0012-004X4X4 SAE Tee High Pressure Aluminum Manifold

High Pressure 4X4X4 SAE Tee.

00MAN-0022-00LPM-75 CFF-480 Manifold
LPM-Fits all CFF Type Cylinders (3/4-16) #48 Burst Plug.
00MAN-0024-00LPM-75-AL, CFFC High Pressure Manifold
LPM-Fits all Alum. Type Cylinders (3/4-16) #32 Burst Plug.
00MAN-0026-00LPM-75-KF High Pressure Manifold
LPM-Fits all KF Type Cylinders (3/4-16) #28 Burst Plug.