Protective Gear

We currently have a limited supply

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak Honeywell is limiting it’s sales of masks and filters to first responders only.
As soon as we can get masks and filters we will we will add them back onto our website.
Thank you for your patience in this matter. MHO

Protective Gear

RU8500 Mask Skirt

Great for Crop Dusting or Transporting Patients.

09025-7582-00Filter, Respirator, Pancake Cartridge, 2/pk
Sold in pairs
09025-7500-37Filter Holder, Respirator, 2/PK
Sold in pairs.
09025-7506-95Filter, Respirator Insert, 10/pk
Sold in 10 packs, (2 per pk).
09025-7580-00780P100 particulate Filter

Replacement Filter. Sold in pair.

AMSK-7500Face Mask with Respirators
Honeywell RU8500 Mask with N100 Filters
0MSKB-0002-J Bracket w/Straps and Harness for ALPS

Convert your Mountain High Facemask to helmet use.