XCP Products for General Aviation

The MH XCP (Cross-Country Pilot) Systems Are Known For Their Readiness, Portability And Ease Of Use.

The XCP portable systems are small and easy to carry. They can be used for flights up to 25,000 ft., for pilot and three passengers.

Easy to operate: don the cannula or face mask and turn on the cylinder valve, then adjust the MH-3 or MH-4 Flowmeter to indicate the same altitude you are flying and breathe normally.

XCP Products for General Aviation

00XCP-1070XCP Breathing Stations$112.00
00XCP-1044-00XCP Mustache-Style Oxymizer Cannula
For use with our XCP constant flow systems with the MH-3 flowmeter.
00XCP-1046-00XCP Pendant-Style Oxymizer Cannula

Pendant-Style Oxymizer Cannula conects directly to the outlet of our MH-3 or MH-4 flowmeters.

00XCP-1092-00E-Z Breathe-II Boom Cannula for XCP (Flowmeter)

E-Z Breathe Boom Cannula for MH and most Constant Flow systems

AMSK-2000ALPS Facemasks with or without Microphone

Available in small, medium and large, with or with out microphone and choice of feed-tube.

00XCP-1050-01Face Mask MH-XCP

Constant flow face mask to be used with a MH-4 flowmeter.

00XCP-1040-01XCP Standard Aviators Cannula
XCP Standard Aviators Cannula for use with the MH-4 Flowmeters.
00XCP-1030XCP Tubing Extension (Variable Lengths)

XCP Extension Available in 3, 4, 6, & 20 ft. Lengths.

00XCP-1048-00XCP-Y Split Kit$49.00