00EDS-1070-03EDS Supply Adapter

EDS supply adapter.

00EDS-1070-00XCP to EDS supply adapter

XCP to EDS Feed Tube.

00EDS-1070-01XCP to EDS supply adapter 84"$22.95
00EDS-1076-00External EDS Power Supply$75.00
00OEM-0008-003M Dualock Hook/Loop Fastener 2.25"$2.50
00VEN-0062-00Tube Cutters SMC-TK3

Used for making clean cuts on your Poly tubing.
A must have for the home builder.

00VEN-0111-05Christo-Lube MCG 111 Tube -5g

Non-reactive lubricant safe for aviation oxygen equipment.

80000-0005-32IBIZ Plane and Car Wax, 32oz

Wax IBIZ 32oz
IBIZ® World Class Car and Plane Wax!

80000-0001-32Wax IBIZ Waterless Wash 32oz

Wax IBIZ Waterless Wash 32oz

36990-0USB-03Cable, USB to DC Plug 3.5mm

Cable USB To DC PLug 3.5mm 36″ long.

39300-1250-00External Power Supply, Dual USB Ports, with O2D2 cable.

External USB Power Supply With USB Cable Kit for 02D2.  Cable is 36″  (1M) cord.

39399-1250-00Power adapter, 12V/28V - 5.0V USB

Power Adapter 12/28V – 5V

60000-0012-0012 x12 Tote Bag

Handy 12″ X 12″ zippered fabric tote bag for storing cannulas, face masks, flowmeters or other small items.

00VEN-0112-00Teflon Tape Oxygen Use Approved

Aviation oxygen approved high density Teflon tape.

00VEN-0077-00Wipe Clean 4 Sure$0.50