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United States Postal Service

FYI-The use of US Mail

To our customers and dealers

It has come to our attention that after multiple shipping problems, the use of the United States Postal System (USPS) is not a reliable method of shipping.

We have experienced excessive problems using USPS as a shipping source.

Parcels either end up at the wrong place or are lost all together.

For International shipping we cannot track the shipment once it has left the continental US. beyond the receiving country’s customs office.

If you are insistent about using USPS outside the continental US you will need to absolve us from any liability, and it will be stipulated on your invoice that we cannot guarantee delivery or tracking beyond the border.

For this reason we recommend using only reliable sources such as UPS or Fed-Ex. with tracking to the final destination. Also we do not ship any outgoing freight by DHL.

We will continue the use the USPS for shipment of small inexpensive items within the continental US.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter as we desire to provide you with the best service possible.

MHO 2 May 2013

Cylinder Mounting Ideas

Cylinder Mounting Ideas

We are pilots here at Mountain High and we know what a hassle oxygen was like, all but a few years ago. Once we decided to do somthing for our own needs, others asked ‘where did you get that set-up?’ Therefore, we decided to offer our equipment and systems to other who asked.

Take some time and go through our site and you should see that we have the system for you. Built-in or portable. Simple oxygen-saving constant-flow or mega-saving pulse-demand

Bob Hasson Cylinder-01Bob Hasson Cylinder-02Bob Hasson Cylinder-03

How Bob Hasson Mounted his Cylinder in his RV


The KF-050 in our ‘CMK-A’ Hold-down system’

Other Cylinder Mounting Ideas

022 Schemmp-HirthSchemmp-Hirth 022


KFFC-022 (22 cu. ft.) Cylinder Mounted in Schempp-Hirth (Ventus) Sailplane.

Refill Your O2 Cylinder!


Mountain High Equipment and Supply Company in Redmond, Oregon is well known in the GA field for its Portable and Built-In aircraft oxygen management systems.

They are now aggressively making themselves known in the GSE market by introducing four new oxygen Oxygen Transfiller Adapters. The TA-916-S, TA-916-N,TA-380-S, and TA-380-N. (N=CGA-540 nipple and S=CGA-540 socket).

Each oxygen transfiller contains particle filters on the CGA-540 inlets, o-rings on nipples and hygiene caps with chains. These superior oxygen transfiller adapters are economically priced as well.

EDS-ip Built-in Technology


It’s finally happened!

Mountain High has produced the only electronic instrument panel-mountable pulse-demand oxygen system expressly designed for the general aviation market.

These 2 and 4-place systems engineered and manufactured by Mountain High provide pilots with safety and convenient ease-of-use that many oxygen systems have not been able to supply.

Features of this revolutionary new product include:

* Automatically adjusts to pressure altitudes up to 24,000 ft.

* Automatically switches to emergency protocol (100%) in the event of loss of cabin pressure or if pressure alitiudes over 24,000 ft. are detected.

* Can be configured for mounting in the overhead console or instrument panel.

* Consumes only about 1 watt of power with 14 or 28 VDC systems.

* Shows cylinder supply pressure and cabin pressure altitude.

* Provides situational awareness for all persons connected.

* Provides means for customizing oxygen flow at each station for unique personal conditions.

* Automatically turns main cylinder valve on (via electric means) from control head.

* Back-lighting for display and buttons is in phase with flight-deck night lighting.

* Simple low pressure tubing connects cylinder to oxygen outlets–keeps tubing away from arms and hands.

* Provides delivery protocols for cannulas and face masks.

* Optional emergency manual bypass provides full-flow to all stations.

BELOW: The EDS-2ip in a Lancair Legacy panel

Legacy Aerodynamics, LLC custom panels website