PCR-Pneumatic Regulator

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Pneumatically Controlled Regulator (PCR-2)
Our new simple to install and simple to operate PCR-2 Oxygen regulator kit for built-in and portable applications.
(Although these systems have been designed to meet and exceed FAA TSO and AIR specification, They are not meant for the certified market without an STC or 337.)

The PCR-2 is a self providing pneumatically operated remote controlled, simple, light-weight regulator. The PCR-2 has the industry standard CGA-540 fitting where it can be fitted onto any cylinder with a CGA-540 valve. The PCR-2 can optionally be ordered with the Euro-norm DIN-477 fitting as well. Either way, you simply remove and replace, by hand and without tools, the PCR-2 to and from the cylinder for refilling. Many of our customers like the PCR-2 because it provides them the ability to remove or exchange the cylinder at a moments notice.

The PCR-2 can be purchased complete with cylinder, or in segments to suit your building schedule. We compiled the PCR-2 kits into the most popular configurations, see below.

Works equally well on pressurized or non pressurized aircraft due to the unique pneumatic design

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Remote Valve & Regulator


RCR/RCV shown with optional pressure sending unit.

RCV/RCR kit fRCVRCRbor 12V & 24V systems

The Remote Controlled Valve/ Remote Controlled Regulator (RCV/RCR), is designed for when a dependable permanent remote mount installation is required. The RCV/RCR can be installed either onto the end of a cylinder or remote mounted on a bulkhead, down-stream from the cylinder, if space is an issue. The RCV/RCR can be ordered for either a 12v or 24v application utilizing very little power (~20ma) in the "ON" position, wired to a 1 amp breaker. The RCR provides 42 Liters Per Minute (lpm) of O2 flow volume at 18 psi dynamic. Enough oxygen flow for up to 8 places.  The RCV can accommodate a second RCR allowing the combination to work for a 16 person installation. The RCV/RCR can be installed onto any Aluminum,Kevlar, Carbon and Silica-Glass composite cylinders that have a standard 3/4"-16 outlet thread, all of which we carry.

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