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Co-Pilot Portable O2



Mountain High has recently introduced the CO-PILOT, an affordable, hand-held oxygen system designed for supplemental breathing at high altitudes.

This system is especially useful for those pilots who rarely fly at altitudes requiring oxygen and, therefore, do not need a full-featured oxygen system. Unlike similar systems, the CO-PILOT regulator has an on/off and volume control knob that is adjustable from off to 2 liters/min. The face mask is removeable and can be replaced with an Oxymizer conserving cannula for continuous "hands off" use for durations over 30 min. @ 15,000 ft. per cylinder. The built-in pressure gauge allows the user to see, at a glance, how much oxygen is available at all times. The CO-PILOT system can be shut off and stored with a cylinder installed for over a year without any noticeable leakage.

The basic CoPilot comes with a regulator with gauge, facemask, 3-18 liter non-refillable cylinders and instruction manual. Options include additional cylinders and Oxymizer cannula which can be ordered at any time.


The CO-PILO2T oxygen system is a small, light-weight, hand-held oxygen system. Precision manufactured in Japan, this unit was especially designed for supplemental breathing while at high altitudes. The regulator has an on/off and volume control knob adjustable from off to a max setting of 2-ltr./min. which will last aprox. 9 minutes. The removable face mask can be replaced by an optional Oxymizer cannula for continuous "hands off" operation. When using the Oxymizer cannula each 18 liter replacement cylinder lasts up to 30 minutes at 15,000 ft. The regulator can hold a cylinder for several months without any noticeable drop in pressure. Cylinders can be changed by hand.
Weight with cylinder 17oz.
Cylinder weight  9.5oz.

Please note: Available only in the USA.
The Co-Pilot
system can only be shipped by UPS ground in the 48 continental states.


Emergency O2 System EOS


Our (EOS) Portable Emergency Oxygen Systems, allow you to have a minimum of 10 minutes of oxygen per person, the needed amount of oxygen time for emergency descents starting at 25,000 ft. in the event of a cabin de-pressurization as defined by the FAA.
To operate, simply don the masks and turn on the main cylinder valve. Oxygen will flow only if a mask is connected. A positive flow indicator on each mask shows oxygen is being delivered.