Low Pressure Fittings

Low Pressure One-Touch Style Fittings


We use these 'grip-lock' style fittings for interconnecting polyurethane tubing in the low pressure outlet distribution system of built in Oxygen systems.
We have found this to be superior to AN style fittings in ease of use and durability.
It also provides the ability to redo tube runs over and over without the worry of any leaks.

PISCO Fittings3065



Low Pressure CPC Style Fittings

Our very popular CPC-type connectors are offered in our built-in system kits.  Made with high strength Acetal, they are very rugged and have a mechanically operated check-valve that admits oxygen only while the fitting is inserted.   Nickel plated brass versions are also available.  We and our customers have found the CPC connector system is an excellent low cost alternative to expensive hard-to -find traditional aircraft oxygen outlet connectors.  Additionally they handle the same pressures and do not corrode or oxidize while in a harsh environment as traditional metallic connectors have been known to do. The CPC connector systems come in various types to suit your specific application.