Transfill Adapter Tool


GSE-1089_Wrench A must have tool.

MH - Transfill Nut-Driver Wrench

manufactures this tool from high grade Aluminum alloy which is then anodized to help prevent corrosion.This spanner tool keeps the adapter nut from distorting due to the use of an improper wrench. A retaining clip is employed so that the spanner stays in place while in use. Fits all our AN-800 (7/16) style adapters. Weighs 1.7oz.


Transfill Adapters (Aircraft Fill)



The North American Industry Standard for oxygen fittings are called 'CGA-540' (Compressed Gas Assn. fitting No.540). Aircraft with built-in oxygen systems do not usually use the heavy fittings, instead special lighter weight fill fittings have been developed. We have transfiller fittings for easy refilling your built in system from standard CGA-540 oxygen systems. The adapters shown are for the Aircraft fillers. The (N) is for 'Nipple' and the (S) is or 'Socket' on the CGA-540 end.An industrial cylinder has a socket. Micro particle filters are used and an O-ring is on the 540 nipple for an airtight fit by hand.



Transfill Adapters (tank to tank)



TA540and870With our line of oxygen-fitting adapters and transfilling adapters you will have the confidence to connect, service and refill almost any type of oxygen cylinder for aviation. Our oxygen transfilling adapter fittings allow you to connect between the CGA-540 and the German DIN-477#9 (Euro-norm) regime. Product names with CGA-540 and DIN-477#9  parts reflect oxygen flow direction. The TA-540-DIN flows from left to right.