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Cylinder Mounting Ideas

Cylinder Mounting Ideas

We are pilots here at Mountain High and we know what a hassle oxygen was like, all but a few years ago. Once we decided to do somthing for our own needs, others asked 'where did you get that set-up?' Therefore, we decided to offer our equipment and systems to other who asked.

Take some time and go through our site and you should see that we have the system for you. Built-in or portable. Simple oxygen-saving constant-flow or mega-saving pulse-demand

Bob Hasson Cylinder-01Bob Hasson Cylinder-02Bob Hasson Cylinder-03

How Bob Hasson Mounted his Cylinder in his RV


CMK-A-KF-050 CMK-A-kt
Composite cylinder in our 'CMK-A' Hold-down system'


Other Cylinder Mounting Ideas

 022 Schemmp-HirthSchemmp-Hirth 022


CFFC-022 (22 cu. ft.) Cylinder Mounted in Schempp-Hirth (Ventus) Sailplane.