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EDS-ip Built-in Technology



It's finally happened!

Mountain High has produced the only electronic instrument panel-mountable pulse-demand oxygen system expressly designed for the general aviation market.

These 2 and 4-place systems engineered and manufactured by Mountain High provide pilots with safety and convenient ease-of-use that many oxygen systems have not been able to supply.

Features of this revolutionary new product include:

* Automatically adjusts to pressure altitudes up to 24,000 ft.

* Automatically switches to emergency protocol (100%) in the event of loss of cabin pressure or if pressure alitiudes over 24,000 ft. are detected.

* Can be configured for mounting in the overhead console or instrument panel.

* Consumes only about 1 watt of power with 14 or 28 VDC systems.

* Shows cylinder supply pressure and cabin pressure altitude.

* Provides situational awareness for all persons connected.

* Provides means for customizing oxygen flow at each station for unique personal conditions.

* Automatically turns main cylinder valve on (via electric means) from control head.

* Back-lighting for display and buttons is in phase with flight-deck night lighting.

* Simple low pressure tubing connects cylinder to oxygen outlets--keeps tubing away from arms and hands.

* Provides delivery protocols for cannulas and face masks.

* Optional emergency manual bypass provides full-flow to all stations.

BELOW: The EDS-2ip in a Lancair Legacy panel

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