MH-1regulatorThe MH01-052 is a thread interface/transition adapter that allows the replacement of an original steel cylinder with a new lighter kevlar type without replacing or disturbing any of the original regulating, refilling and delivery equipment or lines.
If you are planning on replacing your steel cylinder with a kevlar cylinder in a certified airplane you must read the following PDF file.


t_MH-1pdf_availableThe MH01-052 has a 1 ANPT or 1 NGT (1-11.5") tapered female thread on one side for original SCOTT and Puritan Bennett valve heads and regulators, and a 3/4-16 UNFA (SAE-8) straight thread with O-ring seal on the other side for fitting to newer light-weight Kevlar fiber-wound cylinders and some aluminum cylinders.

Material: Black anodized aluminum
Weight: 0.41 lb.
Hex: 1.75" X 1.4"
Male thread: 0.750"-16 UNFA (SAE 8)
Female thread: 1 ANPT (1 NGT)
Source control document (SCD) for this part is available for FAA337 efforts.

Note: Due to torque requirements with NPT/NTG threads of this size, the regulator must be mounted to the The MH-1 before it is mounted to a cylinder.


MH Item #: 00HDW-0396-00



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