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MH-300S Swivel Gauge

CPG-1026-00 Swivel comboSAE LPM Comp 3X2.8

SAE Spinner comp 3X2.5HEX Valve spinner comp 3X3.8


Mountain High designed the MH-300S gauge to have the unique ability to allow the face and needle to rotate 360 degrees.
Now no matter how the gauge is installed the face can be positioned for easy reading. This MH-300S gauge incorporates the SAE-4 (7/16-20) thread that allows for positive high pressure sealing into any of our High Pressure Manifolds and newly to be released Hex Valve. The gauge can be installed and removed without adulterating the threads as with NPT type threads.

Description: MH-300S (1.3/8") Swivel Gauge - with SAE (-4) 7/16-20 fitting, 0-3000psi
MH Item #: 00CPG-1026-00

MH-300S Swivel Pressure Gauge
195.00 USD