Customer Testimonials

Hang Glider Pilot: John Heiney

Hang Glider I am four-times World Freestyle Hang Gliding Champion and I hold the official Guinness World Record for 52 consecutive loops on a hang glider. I have towed-up behind a Piper Cub and a Bell Jet Ranger.

I have done many drops from hot-air balloons which is how I did the Guinness World Record. Besides hang gliding aerobatics, my specialty is the mounting of all types of still, video and movie cameras on hang gliders. I have worked for many film projects and TV shows plus commercials. When I fly high for profit or fun, I use the Mountain High EDS Oxygen system. While I am fulfilling my need for adrenaline, endorphins, G-force and speed; While at these high altitudes, I rely on supplemental oxygen from Mountain High to keep my mind sharp and clear.

John Heiney