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I wanted to let you know that in my opinion the new E-Z Breathe II ™ device is head and sholders above the prior arm. The rigidity ensures the cannula stays where one wants it, in your nostrils!  The attcahment process was straight forward and well described. You know how passionate I am about aviators using Oxygen more liberally. This devise removes many objections pilots may have.

Dr. Jonathan M. Sackier (12-18-2013)


Hang Glider Pilot: John Heiney

Hang Glider I am four-times World Freestyle Hang Gliding Champion and I hold the official Guinness World Record for 52 consecutive loops on a hang glider. I have towed-up behind a Piper Cub and a Bell Jet Ranger.


STEMME S-10 pilot: Glider Bob

gliderbob Glider Bob Stemme S-10 pilot. When we first thought of an oxygen system, we immediatly thought of Moutain High.


WW competition pilot: Jim Lee

PiloTest Pilot Jim Leets often ask me why I go on oxygen at 12,000'. Well, with the EDS, there are no weight considerations, so I always have it on board. Clear thinking is easily worth another 10% in performance even at the "low altitude" of 12,000'. And I'm a performance oriented kind of guy, so the decision is clear. Why fly with your brain operating on 6 or 7 cylinders when you can have all 8 banging along?


Test-Pilot: Sam Houston


Sam Houston, Lancair's senior test pilot says:
'I won't leave the ground without my portable EDS system!'


Test Pilot: Mike DeHate

mddual The Mountain High oxygen system, our 2-place EDS system allowed my wife & I to fly our unpressurized Lancair IV in comfort at high altitudes. I especially liked the light weight and small size of the cannula over the old re-breather set-up.


Trans-Oceanic RV-4 Pilot: Jon Johansen

jjohansen1Jon Johansen flew his custom-built RV-4 from Vans Aircraft overseas from Australia to the USA a few times now. The trans-oceanic flights are made well over 10,000 ft for best aircraft performance. For Jon's best performance, he relys on his EDS (pulse-demand) system from Mountain High.


ATOS competition pilot: Dave Sharp

Dave Sharpflys his ATdavesatosOS very well winning many competitions.
That's because while at high altitudes, he flys with oxygen. And doing so gets real easy with his EDS-011 oxygen system with the new small, compact & very light-weight micro-lite valve & regulator system from Mountain High.

Dave Sharp high over Sandia Peak in his ATOS



Race66 Pilot--Rob Martinson & his Veri EZE



Oxygen was an afterthought. I live at 8,000 feet in Colorado and thought I would be more tolerant to the thin air. I didn't make the connection between being tired and/or having a headache with O2 deprivation.