EDS 4ip FAA-CAMI Tested

EDS 4ip systemFAA-CAMI tested: EDS-4ip
Built-in Pulse Demandâ„¢ oxygen management systems are complete kits that include all you need to do high flight-level cross country flying with ultimate physiological safety.
Kit includes the low-profile instrument panel or overhead-mountable EDS 4ip control head unit with a 2.25" X 3.125" vertical form factor, four (4) remote-mountable oxygen outlet distributor units, the new IPR (Intelligent Peripheral Regulator) with our light-weight CFFC-048 carbon-fiber-wrapped cylinder,  48 cu. ft. capacity allowing many round-trips without oxygen refills.

With EDS-4ip Mounted In Panel.



In addition, masks, cannulas, as well as necessary hardware and tubing are included. Also, the pilot station comes with our, FAA-CAMI flight-level 250 tested Pulse-Demand ALPS FaceMask, that can be upgraded with a noise-canceling microphone at any time. You can also add the Alps face mask with or without microphone for all others as well.

NOTE: The EDS ip systems automatically operate from a 12 or 24 Volt system at a mere 250 ma. of current.

Upon request, system can be fitted with any cylinder we offer. Price is adjusted accordingly.





Description: EDS-4ip with IPR regulator
Item #: 00EDS-2004-01 
Complete System Kit Price:

EDS-4ip-W/IRP One Touch
6,995.00 USD


NEW kit scheduling Pricing Structure !

System can be ordered in (3) scheduled segments or all at once. Call for details


The EDSip system was tested up to 25,000 ft. by FAA-CAMI.
Because of the growing global popularity of our EDS products that use our pulse-demand oxygen delivery technology, the FAA, US ARMY and USAF decided that the pulse-demand oxygen delivery method needed to be tested. Therefore, it was, indeed, thoroughly tested at the FAA-CAMI research facility in Oklahoma City. However, the report has yet to be released by the government printing office. Meanwhile, we have been given permission by the doctors of this project at CAMI to share the draft version at this time. Since all of our EDS products use the same Pulse Demand delivery protocol technology, we felt that you may be interested in the results.