EDS 2ip FAA-CAMI Tested

EDS-2ipFAA-CAMI tested: EDS-2ip built-inPulse-Demandâ„¢ oxygen management systems are complete kits that include all you need to do high flight-level cross country flying with ultimate physiological safety. Kit includes the low-profile instrument panel or overhead-mountable EDS 2ip control head unit with a 2.25" X 2.25" form factor, two (2) remote-mountable oxygen outlet distributor units, the new IPR (Intelligent Peripheral Regulator) with our light-weight carbon-fiber-wrapped cylinder with a 48 cu. ft. capacity allowing many round-trips without oxygen refills.


In addition, masks, cannulas, as well as necessary hardware and tubing are included. Also, the pilot station comes with our, FAA-CAMI flight-level 250 tested 'Pulse-Demand'  ALPS Oxygen Face Mask that can be upgraded with a noise-canceling microphone at any time. You can add the Alps face mask with or without microphone for your co-pilot as well.

NOTE: The EDS ip systems automatically operate from a 12 or 24 Volt system at a mere 250 ma. of current.

Upon request, system can be fitted with any cylinder we offer. Price is adjusted accordingly.




EDS-2ip with IPR Regulator
Item #: 00EDS-2002-01
Complete EDS-2ip System kit Price:
EDS-2ip-W/IRP-One Touch
5,495.00 USD


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System can be ordered in scheduled segments or all at once. Call for details